The 25 Richest Actresses in the World 2024

Richest Actresses in the World 2024: Lots of girls have a dream of becoming an actress. Why? Well, there are some good reasons. Things like being famous, having a glamorous life, and most importantly, making a lot of money. It’s no secret that Hollywood stars make a ton of cash. But here’s the interesting part: some actresses make way more money than others.

Richest Actresses in the World 2024

Below, you’ll find a list of the 25 actresses who have the most money.

01. Jami Gertz

Net Worth$8.2 Billion
Salary$400 Million +
Monthly Income$60 Million +
Date Of Birth1965-10-28

Jami Gertz, an American actress, is the richest actress, and here’s how she made it big. She was discovered by Norman Lear in a national talent search. She started acting in 1981 alongside Hollywood star Tom Cruise in the drama “Endless Love” by Franco Zeffirelli.

Gertz gained more attention when she got a leading role in the 1987 film “Below Zero.” Besides that, she appeared in other movies like Crossroads, The Lost Boys, Quicksilver, and Twister.

But her success isn’t just limited to films; she also did well in various TV series like “Seinfeld,” “ER,” “Ally McBeal,” and “Entourage.”

Apart from acting, Gertz is also involved in supporting socially disadvantaged people. Much of her wealth comes from her husband, who co-founded “Apollo Global Management.”

“Apollo Global Management” is a successful investment company, just like Jami Gertz. Her total assets are estimated to be around 8.2 billion US dollars, making her the richest actress, securing the first place on the list.

02. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Net Worth$550 Million
Salary$40 Million +
Monthly Income$3 Million +
Date Of Birth1986-06-13

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, known as the “Olsen twins,” have a small advantage over other actresses – simply because there are two of them. Born in California in 1986, they started their acting career as children.

At just nine months old, they shared their first role in the television series Full House, where they played the character “Michelle Elizabeth Tanner” until 1995. Later, they starred together in funny children’s films.

In 1991, the twins founded the “Dual Star Entertainment Group” to better promote themselves. When they turned 18 in 2004, they became the president of the company, which brings in about $2 billion in annual sales.

The Olsen twins are not just actresses; they are also authors of several books and have created various fashion collections. With all their success, it’s no wonder that these siblings made it to the top of the list.

03. Reese Witherspoon

Net Worth$450 Million
Salary$25 Million +
Monthly Income$2 Million +
Date Of Birth1976-03-22

Reese Witherspoon has been in the movie business since the early 90s. She became widely recognized for her roles in the films “Pleasantville – Too Good to Be True” and “Election,” which marked her breakthrough. Her outstanding performance in the romantic film “Walk the Line” earned her an Oscar in 2006, and she received another nomination in 2015 for “Wild.”

Apart from movies, Witherspoon also made a mark in TV with her role in the series “Big Little Lies.” Notably, she and her team won an Emmy for their work as executive producers. For her involvement in the second season, she earned an impressive fee of $1 million per episode. Additionally, her production company, “Pacific Standard,” produced the highly acclaimed film “Gone Girl.”

Beyond the entertainment world, Witherspoon is a successful businesswoman. In 2015, she founded the store Draper James, offering clothing, accessories, and homewares.

04. Victoria Principal

Net Worth$400 Million
Salary$29 Million +
Monthly Income$2 Million +
Date Of Birth1950-01-03

Starting in a commercial at the age of five can set the stage for a bright future, and that’s exactly what happened for Victoria Principal. After early experiences in front of the camera, she landed her first major role in the well-known TV series Dallas, starting in 1978.

Principal was a part of the series for nearly ten years, appearing in over 250 episodes. Post her acting career, she shifted her focus to writing and became an author, publishing several books on fitness, nutrition, and beauty. In line with her expertise, she also launched her own skincare collection called “Reclaim by Principal Secret.”

With her diverse talents and successful ventures, Victoria Principal has amassed a net worth of $400 million.

05. Jessica Alba

Net Worth$390 Million
Salary$40 Million +
Monthly Income$4 Million +
Date Of Birth1981-04-28

Jessica Alba ranked as the 5th richest actress in the world, started her acting journey at the age of 13 in Camp Nowhere (1994) and The Secret World of Alex Mack (1994). She gained prominence at 19 as the lead actress in the TV series Dark Angel (2000–2002), earning a Golden Globe nomination.

Most Beautiful Actresses in the World

Her breakthrough in the film industry came with Honey (2003), and she became a Hollywood star with hits like Fantastic Four (2005), Good Luck Chuck (2007), and Mechanic: Resurrection (2016). Alba often collaborated with director Robert Rodriguez, featuring in films like Sin City (2005) and Machete (2010).

Apart from acting, she co-founded The Honest Company in 2011, selling baby, personal, and household products. The company, valued at $1 billion in 2014, was a success. Alba released The Honest Life, a bestselling book in 2013, focusing on creating a natural, non-toxic life. In 2015, she launched Honest Beauty, a line of skincare and beauty products.

Alba owns 6.5 percent of The Honest Company. She serves as the company’s chief creative officer, earning an annual base salary of $700,000 and holding restricted stock valued at $1,500,000.

06. Jennifer Aniston

Net Worth$330 Million
Salary$10 Million + per movie fees
Monthly Income$2 Million +
Date Of Birth1969-02-11

Jennifer Aniston is forever etched in many people’s minds as “Rachel Green” from the iconic TV series “Friends,” while others recognize her as a talented actress in various movies. What’s undeniable is that she’s incredibly wealthy, boasting a fortune of $330 million.

Aniston has showcased her acting prowess in a range of comedies such as “The Break-Up” (2006), “Marley & Me” (2008), and “We’re the Millers” (2013).

Beyond her on-screen success, Aniston is known for her philanthropy and big heart. She actively supports projects involving children and advocates for the rights of the LGBT community (gay, lesbian, transgender, and bisexual).

In addition to acting, she wears the hats of a director and film producer. Her noteworthy contributions have earned her numerous awards, including a star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

07. Sandra Bullock

Net Worth$280 Million
Salary$10 million to $20 million per film
Monthly Income$2 Million +
Date Of Birth1964-07-26

Sandra Bullock, born in 1964 to German opera singer Helga Meyer and American singing teacher John Bullock, is fluent in German. Growing up, she gained early stage experience through theater performances and choir. In 1982, she started studying acting at East Carolina University but left after 4 years to pursue her acting career.

Initially facing challenges, Bullock worked various jobs like waitressing, cleaning, and dog grooming. Her breakthrough came with roles in action films like “Demolition Man” and “Speed.” Subsequently, she starred in movies such as “While You Were Sleeping,” “Miss Congeniality,” “The Heat,” “The Blind Side,” and “Gravity.”

Bullock is one of Hollywood’s most successful and highest-paid actresses. She won an Oscar for “Best Actress” for her role in “The Blind Side,” and her most financially successful film, “Gravity,” earned her a record fee of $90 million.

Beyond her acting career, Bullock is socially active, having adopted two children and donated over $6 million to nonprofit organizations in recent years. The big-hearted actress’s net worth is around $280 million.

08. Nicole Kidman

Net Worth$260 Million
Salary$22 Million +
Monthly Income$2 Million +
Date Of Birth1967-06-20

Nicole Kidman, an Australian actress, started her career as a child actress, appearing on television and in films at a young age. She made her feature film debut at 14 in “Bush Christmas” (1983). Since then, she has become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after stars, earning acclaim for her roles in various genres, from period dramas like Jane Campion’s “Portrait of a Lady” (1996) to thrillers like Stephen Daldry’s “The Hours” (2002). Kidman won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in “The Hours.”

Beyond acting, Kidman is involved in film and series production through her company, Blossom Films. One of her notable projects is the television series “Big Little Lies.”

According to, Kidman earned around $10 million for her role in the Netflix film “The Prom” (2020). Currently, she earns approximately $22 million per movie.

09. Michelle Pfeiffer

Net Worth$260 Million
Salary$20 Million +
Monthly Income$2 Million +
Date Of Birth1958-04-29

Michelle Pfeiffer is a renowned actress with a remarkable career in Hollywood. She first gained attention for her role as Stephanie Zinone in the musical Grease 2. However, her performance alongside Al Pacino in Scarface truly highlighted her talent and captured the audience’s attention.

Following Scarface, Michelle continued to star alongside some of cinema’s biggest names, including Jack Nicholson, John Malkovich, and Harrison Ford. Her performances consistently received praise from critics, earning her numerous Oscar and Golden Globe nominations.

In 1999, Michelle Pfeiffer achieved a significant financial milestone by earning an impressive $12 million for her role in the film Deep as the Ocean. This fee marked one of her most lucrative earnings in her career up to that point.

10. Julia Louis Dreyfus

Net Worth$260 Million
Salary$20 Million +
Monthly Income$2 Million +
Date Of Birth1961-01-13

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is a true multi-talent, excelling not just as an actress but also as a comedian, singer, and film producer. It’s no surprise that her diverse skills have contributed to her significant wealth.

Her career took off in 1982 when she joined the Saturday Night Live ensemble. Later, she gained widespread recognition for her role in the US sitcom “Seinfeld” from 1989 to 1998. Julia Louis-Dreyfus has received numerous accolades, including the Golden Globe Award and an impressive eleven Emmy Awards.

In 2010, she was supposed to be honored with a star on the renowned Walk of Fame Boulevard, but unfortunately, her name was initially misspelled. Fortunately, this embarrassing mistake has been corrected.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ fortune has reached an impressive sum of $260 million.

11. Julia Roberts

Net Worth$255 Million
Salary$14 Million +
Monthly Income$1.3 Million +
Date Of Birth1967-10-28

Julia Roberts stands out as one of the most famous Hollywood actresses of our time, achieving international acclaim for her role in “Pretty Woman” (1990). Throughout the 1990s and 2000s, she held the status of one of the highest-paid actresses globally and notably received a remarkable $20 million for her work in the film “Erin Brockovich.”

Earning an Oscar nomination for Best Actress at the age of 22, Julia Roberts has since won an Oscar and multiple Golden Globes. Even with over 40 years of screen experience, she remains a highly sought-after actress.

Currently, she commands a fee of $600,000 per episode for the Amazon series “Homecoming.” Throughout her successful career, Julia Roberts has amassed a substantial fortune, now reaching $255 million.

12. Demi Moore

Net Worth$220 Million
Salary$20 Million +
Monthly Income$1.8 Million +
Date Of Birth1962-11-11

Demi Moore, an American actress, has achieved significant success despite a challenging childhood. She began her career with one of her initial guest roles on television in 1981 in the series “General Hospital.” In 1983, she experienced her first cinema success with “Blame It on Rio.”

One of her greatest achievements came in 1990 with the film “Ghost,” for which she received a groundbreaking fee of $10 million, making her the first woman to achieve such a milestone.

Throughout her career, Demi Moore has continued to earn substantial amounts from her various projects. Notably, she received $11 million for her role in the 1997 film “G.I. Jane.” As of now, the successful and vegan actress has an estimated income of $220 million.

13. Sofia Vergara

Net Worth$190 Million
Salary$18 Million +
Monthly Income$2 Million +
Date Of Birth1972-07-10

Sofia Vergara, originally from Colombia, was discovered by a photographer and decided to switch from dentistry to becoming a runway model at the age of 23. She started her career hosting a travel show “Fuera de serie,” which she presented to an American audience.

The turning point in her career came in 2009 when she joined the hit series “Modern Family.” Her outstanding performance on the show earned her four Emmy nominations.

Remarkably, Vergara held the title of the highest-paid TV actress for seven consecutive years, earning an impressive $42.5 million.

14. Charlize Theron

Net Worth$180 Million
Salary$13 Million
Monthly Income$2 Million
Date Of Birth1975-08-07

Charlize Theron had a background in ballet, participating in productions like Swan Lake and The Nutcracker. She moved to New York to join the Joffrey Ballet, but a knee injury put an end to her dance career.

Most Beautiful Actresses in the World

She first became well-known in the movie “That Thing You Do!” After that, she became famous for her main part in the movie “Monster,” where she won an Oscar. Theron was paid $10 million for each of her roles in the movies “Cold Land” and “Æon Flux.”

Apart from acting, the South African actress is also involved in making movies with her production company called Denver & Delilah Productions. This company has made films like “Atomic Blonde,” “Gringo,” and “Mindhunter,” showing that Theron is talented both in front of and behind the camera.

15. Scarlett Johansson

Net Worth$180 Million
Salary$10 million
Monthly Income$2 Million +
Date Of Birth1984-11-22

Scarlett Johansson is among the highest-paid actresses in the world, primarily earning from her role as Black Widow in the Marvel “Avengers” films.

Most Beautiful Actresses in the World

In 2015, she earned a staggering $20 million for her role in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” and for “Avengers: Endgame,” her earnings were reported to be $15 million.

Accumulating a total fortune of $180 million, Scarlett Johansson stands as one of the most successful actresses of all time. Additionally, she is recognized for her beauty and holds the top spot on the list of the most beautiful actresses in the world.

16. Jennifer Lawrence

Net Worth$175 Million
Salary$16 million +
Monthly Income$2 Million +
Date Of Birth1990-08-15

Jennifer Lawrence became famous after starring in the independent film “Winter’s Bone” in 2010. She gained global recognition for her roles as Mystique in X-Men: First Class and Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games. Jennifer received several awards, including an Academy Award for Best Actress for “Silver Linings.”

Most Beautiful Actresses in the World

She remains a highly sought-after actress, earning praise for her performances in movies like the action thriller “Red Sparrow,” the psychological horror film “Mother!” and the Netflix original “Don’t Look Up.”

Jennifer Lawrence is well-known for being able to command a high salary for her roles, often getting paid more than $15 million just as a base salary. For the 2021 Netflix film “Don’t Look Up,” she was paid a whopping $25 million.

17. Miley Cyrus

Net Worth$170 Million
Salary$6,00,000 -$9,00,000
Monthly Income$1 Million +
Date Of Birth1992-11-23

Miley Cyrus has a family with a strong artistic background. Her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, is a country singer, and her mother, Letitia Jean Cyrus, works in the film industry as a producer. So, it’s not surprising that Miley has found success in the entertainment business.

Miley is well-known as both an actress and a singer. She became famous through the Disney series Hannah Montana, where she played the main character. Nowadays, she’s mostly focused on her music career after dealing with some controversies and changes in relationships.

In 2011, she was first on the list of Hollywood’s richest teenagers. That’s why it’s not surprising that Miley Cyrus still makes it onto this list.

18. Meryl Streep

Net Worth$170 Million
Salary$5 million +
Monthly Income$1 million +
Date Of Birth1949-06-22

Meryl Streep is a legendary actress who has achieved remarkable success and recognition in the acting world, a level few can reach. She started in the experimental New York theater scene and has become one of Hollywood’s most sought-after leading actresses, wowing audiences with her incredible versatility and skill on screen.

Her impressive acting talents cover a wide range of roles, from comedy in “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006) to intense drama like Sophie Zawistowski in “Sophie’s Choice” (1982). She received high praise and won an Oscar for Best Actress for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in “The Iron Lady” (2011).

Throughout her remarkable career, Meryl Streep has been recognized at major awards ceremonies, earning three Academy Awards out of an impressive 21 nominations – a record that surpasses any other actor!

For her film roles, she typically charges a substantial fee of $20 million, although she has been known to accept lower pay for particularly prestigious roles.

19. Angelina Jolie

Net Worth$160 Million
Salary$20-30 million per movies fees
Monthly Income$1.8 Million +
Date Of Birth1975-06-04

Angelina Jolie is a well-known actress with a successful career in both acting and directing. Born in Los Angeles in 1975, she developed a passion for acting after watching films with her parents. Jolie started her career at the age of seven in the film “Lookin’ to Get Out,” where she acted alongside her father.

She starred in some well-known movies like “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” (2001), “Mr. & Mrs. Smith” (2005), “Kung Fu Panda” (2008), and “Maleficent” (2014). She made an impressive $20 million for her part in the action movie “Salt” (2010).

Angelina Jolie not only has a net worth of $160 million but is also known for using it responsibly. She is recognized for her dedication to social causes and her charitable work.

20. Cameron Diaz

Net Worth$150 Million
Salary$12 Million +
Monthly Income$1 Million +
Date Of Birth1972-08-30

Cameron Diaz started her career as a model, traveling the world before auditioning for a role in “The Mask” in 1994, despite having no acting experience. Surprisingly, she was cast as the female lead. Her acting journey took off with starring roles in movies like “My Best Friend’s Wedding” and “There’s Something About Mary.” In 2003, she earned her biggest fee of $20 million for the film “Charlie’s Angels – Full Power.”

After 2014, Diaz retired from acting and shifted her focus to wellness. She authored two books about health, titled “The Body Book” and “The Longevity Book.”

In a surprising turn of events, Diaz announced her comeback as an actress in 2022. She is set to star alongside Jamie Foxx in the Netflix film “Back in Action,” released in 2023.

21. Drew Barrymore

Net Worth$130 Million
Salary$10 Million +
Monthly Income$0.5 Million +
Date Of Birth1975-02-22

Drew Barrymore has an impressive career spanning four decades, starting as a child actress at the age of seven with her first role in Steven Spielberg’s classic film ET. Over the years, she has become one of Hollywood’s most popular stars.

She’s been part of many films like “Unkissed” (1999), “Charlie’s Angels” (2000), and “50 First Dates” (2004).

In recent years, Drew has expanded her career by producing television series like “Santa Clarita Diet” and Flower Films’ Netflix series “The Goop Lab With Gwyneth Paltrow.”

Whether it’s acting, producing, or starting new businesses, Drew Barrymore continues to showcase her talent and entrepreneurship, making her one of the richest actresses in the world today.

22. Natalie Portman

Net Worth$100 Million
Salary$10 million +
Monthly Income$1 million +
Date Of Birth1981-06-09

Natalie Portman, one of the world’s wealthiest actresses, began her prolific film career at the age of twelve with “Léon: The Professional” (1994) and gained international recognition in “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” (1999).

Most Beautiful Actresses in the World

Balancing her acting pursuits with education, she graduated from Harvard University in 2003. Portman’s career soared with awards for roles in “Closer” (2004) and “Black Swan” (2010), and she became a Marvel Cinematic Universe star.

In addition to acting, she co-founded MountainA in 2021, producing and starring in “May December” (2023), while also engaging in directing, and activism for political causes, animal rights, and environmental issues. Married to Benjamin Millepied, she has two children.

23. Jennifer Garner

Net Worth$100 Million
Salary$6 Million + per movie
Monthly Income$1 million +
Date Of Birth1972-04-17

Jennifer Garner stands among the world’s wealthiest actresses, launching her career in 1995 with the television film adaptation of Danielle Steel’s novel “Zoya.” She gained early recognition with roles in the Fox teen drama series “Time of Your Life” (1999–2000), and supporting parts in films like “Pearl Harbor” (2001) and “Catch Me If You Can” (2002).

Garner’s breakthrough came with her Golden Globe-winning role as CIA officer Sydney Bristow in the ABC series “Alias” (2001–2006). She later starred in romantic comedies such as “13 Going on 30” (2004), “Juno” (2007), and superhero films like “Daredevil” (2003) and “Elektra” (2005).

Beyond acting, Garner has taken on diverse roles in independent films like “Dallas Buyers Club” (2013) and family comedies such as “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” (2014), “Love, Simon” (2018), and “Yes Day” (2021). Her activism extends to causes like early childhood education and serving as a board member for Save the Children USA.

Additionally, Garner co-founded the organic baby food company Once Upon a Farm, and she actively advocates for anti-paparazzi measures concerning the children of celebrities. Recently, she starred in action films like “Peppermint” (2018) and “The Adam Project” (2022), as well as the Apple TV+ limited series “The Last Thing He Told Me” (2023).

24. Cate Blanchett

Net Worth$100 Million
Salary$5 million + per movies
Monthly Income$1 million +
Date Of Birth1969-05-14
NationalityAmerican, Australian

Cate Blanchett, one of the wealthiest actresses globally, has earned her reputation as a versatile and highly acclaimed performer across film, theatre, and independent cinema. After graduating from the National Institute of Dramatic Art, her breakthrough came with the portrayal of Queen Elizabeth I in “Elizabeth” (1998), marking the beginning of a career adorned with accolades, including two Academy Awards and four Golden Globes.

Beyond her cinematic success, Blanchett has made significant contributions to theatre, co-directing the Sydney Theatre Company and receiving a Tony Award nomination for her Broadway debut in “The Present” (2017). Recognized with numerous honorary awards, she remains a prominent figure in the arts, reflecting her impact on both the cinematic and theatrical realms.

Honored by the British Film Institute Fellowship and recognized as one of Time magazine’s most influential people, Blanchett’s contributions to the arts and her advocacy for the industry have solidified her status as a powerhouse in the entertainment world.

25. Emma Watson

Net Worth$90 Million
Salary$6.8 Million +
Monthly Income$5,00,000 +
Date Of Birth1990-04-15

Emma Watson ranked as the 25th richest actress in the world, has made a significant mark in the film industry with her versatile roles in both blockbusters and independent films. Rising to fame as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series, Watson’s talent and success have been recognized with various awards, including a Young Artist Award and three MTV Movie Awards.

Most Beautiful Actresses in the World

Her notable performances in films such as “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” (2012), “The Bling Ring” (2013), and “Noah” (2014) garnered critical acclaim.

Beyond her acting career, Watson is known for her commitment to education and gender equality. After graduating from Brown University with a degree in English literature in 2014, she was appointed a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and played a key role in launching the HeForShe campaign advocating for gender equality. Watson’s activism extended to her involvement in Time’s Up UK and her advisory role on women’s rights for the G7.

Beyond her advocacy work, she has contributed to the fashion industry, with modeling campaigns for brands like Burberry and Lancôme, and she has promoted sustainable fashion through her association with People Tree. In 2023, Watson expanded her entrepreneurial ventures by co-founding Renais, a gin brand inspired by her family’s wine-making history in Chablis.

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