The World’s Best Man Goalkeeper of the Century (1901–2000)

World’s Best Man Goalkeeper of the Century: The International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) is a well-respected group that each year makes lists of the best soccer players and teams in the world. In 1999, they made a list of the best goalkeepers from the 1900s, based on opinions from experts.

Lev Yashin from the Soviet Union was chosen as the best goalkeeper of the century by the IFFHS. People often call him the “Black Spider,” and many believe he’s the greatest goalkeeper ever. He was a trailblazer in his position and changed how goalkeepers played the game.

Yashin was really athletic and nimble, and he controlled his area very well. He was also a very smart goalkeeper who understood the game. Yashin made lots of incredible saves during his career and helped his team win the Soviet Union championship five times and the European Cup in 1960.

World’s Best Man Goalkeeper of the Century

Here’s the list of the top 10 goalkeepers of the century according to the IFFHS:

1Lev YashinSoviet Union1950–19701002
2Gordon BanksEngland1963–1972717
3Dino ZoffItaly1968–1983661
4Sepp MaierWest Germany1966–1979456
5Ricardo ZamoraSpain1920–1936443
6José Luis ChilavertParaguay1989–2003373
7Peter SchmeichelDenmark1987–2001291
8Peter ShiltonEngland1970–1990196
9František PláničkaCzechoslovakia1926–1938194
10Amadeo CarrizoArgentina1954–1964192

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