Argentina Vs Uruguay Football Rivalry

Argentina Vs Uruguay football rivalry: The Argentina–Uruguay football rivalry, known as Clásico del Río de la Plata, is a highly competitive and historic clash between the national teams, with 197 matches played since their first encounter in 1902. Notable for both its intensity and occasional controversies, the rivalry extends beyond national teams to the success of clubs in continental competitions.

Argentina and Uruguay boast impressive football records, with Argentina winning three FIFA World Cups and Uruguay securing two, along with a record fifteen Copa América titles each.

The football legacy of these nations encompasses iconic players from different eras, from Uruguay’s golden generation to Argentina’s modern-day talents like Lionel Messi.

Additionally, the success of clubs like Peñarol and Nacional in Uruguay and the Big Five in Argentina adds depth to this enduring football rivalry, making it a central part of the rich football culture in South America.

Argentina Vs Uruguay Major Official Titles Comparison

When it comes to major official titles, Argentina and Uruguay both boast impressive collections of silverware.

Argentina leads with the most World Cup titles, while both nations share an equal 15 victories in the Copa América. Additionally, they have both clinched Olympic gold twice. This close competition in major tournaments adds another layer to the intensity and historical significance of the Argentina-Uruguay football rivalry.

FIFA World Cup32
World Titles34
FIFA Confederations Cup10
Copa América1515
Panamerican Championship10
CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions20
Total Titles2419

Argentina Vs Uruguay Friendly competitions

Copa Rivadavia Gómez32
Copa Newton1711
Copa Mignaburu50
Copa Lipton1711
Copa Honor Uru.58
Copa Honor Arg.73

Argentina Vs Uruguay Matches Overview

CompetitionPlayedArg. WonUru. WonDrawArg. GoalsUru. Goals
FIFA World Cup211034
FIFA World Cup Qualification14824209
Copa América32151344336
Summer Olympics201123

Argentina Vs Uruguay Full “A” Matches

Full “A” MatchesPlayedArg. WonUru. WonDrawArg. GoalsUru. Goals
Copa Lipton27106113727
Copa Newton2713864935
Copa del Atlántico (+1976 Copa Lipton / Newton)4400132
Copa Premier Honor Uruguayo154831626
Copa Premier Honor Argentino127322113
Copa Héctor Rivadavia Gómez522168
Copa Juan Mignaburu5401133
Copa Círculo de la Prensa3120109
Copa Ministro de Relaciones Exteriores301245
Copa Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña210132
Copa Centenario Revolución de Mayo110041
Copa Montevideo110031
Copa Cámara de Diputados Argentina110020
Copa Centro Automovilístico Uruguayo100111
Taça Independência110010
Official Friendlies3014794729

Argentina Vs Uruguay (AFA×AUF)

(AFA×AUF)PlayedArg. WonUru. WonDrawArg. GoalsUru. Goals
Unofficial Friendlies (AUF×FAF)72321615
Copa Premier Honor Uruguayo (FUF×AAmF)110032
Copa Confraternidad Rioplatense (FUF×AAmF)101001
Unofficial Friendlies (AUF×AAmF)211044
Unofficial Friendly (FUF×AAmF)100100

Argentina Vs Uruguay Club titles

The footballing history of Argentina and Uruguay is reflected in their domestic success, with Argentina securing 101 professional titles and Uruguay boasting 37 professional titles. This comparison emphasizes the significant achievements of both nations in their respective football landscapes.

Intercontinental Cup96
Copa Libertadores258
Copa Sudamericana90
Suruga Bank Championship30
Copa Conmebol30
Copa Mercosur10
Supercopa Sudamericana60
Recopa Sudamericana101
Copa Interamericana72
Copa Nicolás Leoz10
Copa Master de Supercopa10
Intercontinental Supercup01
Tie Cup136
Copa de Honor Cousenier49
Copa Aldao104

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