Atlanta Hawks All-Time Points Scorers (Regular Season)

Atlanta Hawks All-Time Points Scorers: The Atlanta Hawks have a long and exciting history in the NBA, with many talented scorers making their mark on the franchise. Let’s take a look at their journey:

The team started as the Buffalo Bisons in 1946 in Buffalo, New York, part of the National Basketball League (NBL). After a short stint in Buffalo, they moved to Moline, Illinois, and became the Tri-Cities Blackhawks in 1946. In 1949, they joined the NBA through the merger of the NBL and the Basketball Association of America (BAA). The team briefly had Red Auerbach as a coach. In 1951, the team moved to Milwaukee and changed its name to the Milwaukee Hawks. Another move happened in 1955, this time to St. Louis, where they won their only NBA Championship in 1958. They made NBA Finals appearances in 1957, 1960, and 1961, facing the Boston Celtics each time. On May 3, 1968, the team moved to Atlanta when the franchise was sold to Thomas Cousins and former Georgia Governor Carl Sanders.

Despite their rich history, the Hawks have the second-longest championship drought in the NBA, lasting for 64 seasons (second only to the Sacramento Kings). Their only championship and NBA Finals appearances occurred when the team was based in St. Louis. The Hawks struggled to advance past the second round of the playoffs for 48 years until they broke through in 2015. However, the Hawks have been consistent playoff contenders in the 21st century, making it to the postseason for 10 consecutive seasons between 2008 and 2017.

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Now, let’s talk about the top scorers in Atlanta Hawks history. These players have been a crucial part of the team’s offensive legacy.

Atlanta Hawks All-Time Points Scorers (Regular Season)

Here is a list of Atlanta Hawks All-Time Points Scorers.

1Dominique Wilkins23,29288212
2Bob Pettit20,88079211
3Lou Hudson16,04973011
4Cliff Hagan13,44774510
5John Drew12,6215958
6Joe Johnson10,6065087
7Kevin Willis10,58275311
8Josh Smith10,3716769
9Trae Young9,7763816
10Eddie Johnson9,6316199
11Zelmo Beaty8,7275017
12Bill Bridges8,68568310
13Lenny Wilkens8,5915558
14Al Horford8,2885789
15Mookie Blaylock7,7435187
16Dan Roundfield7,6444356
17Doc Rivers7,3575688
18Pete Maravich7,3253024
19Jason Terry6,5344035
20Jeff Teague6,4845438

Atlanta Hawks All-Time Points Scorers Career Average (Career Per Game in Regular Season)

RankPlayerAverageTotal PointsGamesSeasons
1Dominique Wilkins26.4123,29288212
2Bob Pettit26.3620,88079211
3Trae Young25.659,8003826
4Pete Maravich24.257,3253024
5Lou Hudson21.9816,04973011
6John Drew21.2112,6215958
7Joe Johnson20.8810,6065087
8Glenn Robinson20.811,436691
9Shareef Abdur-Rahim20.424,3092113
10Antoine Walker20.421,082531
11Dejounte Murray20.382,1401052
12Clyde Lovellette19.324,7332454
13Isaiah Rider19.301,158601
14Steve Smith18.566,2913395
15Stephen Jackson18.131,450801
16Al Harrington18.092,5691422
17Cliff Hagan18.0513,44774510
18Dan Roundfield17.577,6444356
19Paul Millsap17.435,1772974
20Zelmo Beaty17.428,7275017

Atlanta Hawks All-Time Points Scorers Single Regular Season

1Bob Pettit2,429781962
2Dominique Wilkins2,397781988
3Dominique Wilkins2,366781986
4Dominique Wilkins2,294791987
5Bob Pettit2,241791963
6Dominique Wilkins2,217811985
7Bob Pettit2,190801964
8Trae Young2,155762022
9Dominique Wilkins2,138801990
10Dominique Wilkins2,121711993
11Bob Pettit2,120761961
12Pete Maravich2,107761974
13Bob Pettit2,105721959
14Dominique Wilkins2,101811991
15Dominique Wilkins2,099801989
16Pete Maravich2,063791973
17Lou Hudson2,039761971
18Lou Hudson2,031801970
19Lou Hudson2,029751973
20Trae Young1,914732023

Atlanta Hawks All-Time Points Scorers Average (Career Per Game in Single Regular Season)

RankPlayerAverageTotal PointsGamesSeason
1Bob Pettit31.142,429781962
2Dominique Wilkins30.732,397781988
3Dominique Wilkins30.332,366781986
4Dominique Wilkins29.872,121711993
5Trae Young29.631,778602020
6Bob Pettit29.242,105721959
7Dominique Wilkins29.042,294791987
8Bob Pettit28.372,241791963
9Trae Young28.362,155762022
10Trae Young27.93810292024
11Bob Pettit27.892,120761961
12Pete Maravich27.722,107761974
13Bob Pettit27.382,190801964
14Dominique Wilkins27.372,217811985
15Lou Hudson27.052,029751973
16Lou Hudson26.832,039761971
17Dominique Wilkins26.732,138801990
18Dominique Wilkins26.242,099801989
19Trae Young26.221,914732023
20Bob Pettit26.141,882721960

Atlanta Hawks All-Time Points Scorers (Playoffs)

1Bob Pettit2,240889
2Cliff Hagan1,834909
3Dominique Wilkins1,345518
4Lou Hudson1,227527
5Zelmo Beaty1,071637
6Lenny Wilkens1,031647
7Bill Bridges981779
8Al Horford958748
9Joe Johnson846475
10Jeff Teague823627
11Josh Smith820526
12Mookie Blaylock731507
13Kevin Willis721496
14Steve Smith718365
15Joe Caldwell716455
16Trae Young713273
17Paul Millsap692394
18Richie Guerin624406
19Doc Rivers577446
20Randy Wittman485354

Atlanta Hawks All-Time Points Scorers Career Average (Career Per Game in Playoffs)

RankPlayerAverageTotal PointsGamesPlayoffs
1Trae Young26.41713273
2Dominique Wilkins26.371,345518
3Pete Maravich25.47433173
4Bob Pettit25.452,240889
5Lou Hudson23.601,227527
6Dejounte Murray23.0011551
7Cliff Hagan20.381,834909
8Danny Manning20.00220111
9Steve Smith19.94718365
10Joe Johnson18.00846475
11Paul Millsap17.74692394
12Dan Roundfield17.71425245
13Walt Bellamy17.23448264
14Zelmo Beaty17.001,071637
15Clyde Lovellette16.46461283
16John Drew16.28293184
17Mahdi Abdul-Rahman16.26374233
18De’Andre Hunter16.25260163
19Lenny Wilkens16.111,031647
20Joe Caldwell15.91716455

Atlanta Hawks All-Time Points Scorers Single Playoffs Totals

1Trae Young461162021
2Dominique Wilkins374121988
3Bob Pettit365141960
4Bob Pettit350111963
5Bob Pettit343121961
6Cliff Hagan339141960
7Cliff Hagan305111958
8Bob Pettit298101957
9Jeff Teague269162015
10Bob Pettit266111958
11Cliff Hagan264121961
12Dominique Wilkins25791986
13Bogdan Bogdanovic253182021
14Bob Pettit252121964
15John Collins250182021
16Zelmo Beaty247111969
17Clyde Lovellette246141960
18Paul Millsap243162015
19Lou Hudson242111969
20Dominique Wilkins24191987

Atlanta Hawks All-Time Points Scorers Average (Career Per Game in Single Playoffs)

1Bob Pettit31.821963350
2Dominique Wilkins31.171988374
3Dominique Wilkins30.00199390
4Bob Pettit29.801957298
5Lou Hudson29.671973178
6Trae Young29.172023175
7Trae Young28.812021461
8Bob Pettit28.581961343
9Dominique Wilkins28.561986257
10Cliff Hagan28.501959171
11Bob Pettit27.831959167
12Cliff Hagan27.731958305
13Pete Maravich27.671972166
14Dominique Wilkins27.201989136
15Dominique Wilkins26.781987241
16Pete Maravich26.171973157
17Bob Pettit26.071960365
18Lou Hudson25.401971127
19Joe Caldwell25.001970225
20Lou Hudson25.001972150

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