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The 10 Best Players in the History of Valencia CF

Best Players in the History of Valencia CF: Valencia CF is a very important soccer club in Spain and has a long history of over 100 years. It is considered the fourth-best team in Spain based on its historical performance and has won the league title six times. Many famous and talented players have played for Valencia over the years, making it difficult to choose the top ten players.

Valencia is a club that has high expectations from its fans, who want the players to represent the club’s prestigious reputation. In the past, under the management of Rafa Benítez, Valencia CF had a successful period, even winning the “Double” and becoming the top-ranked team in the UEFA ranking.

Indeed, when analyzing the history of Valencia CF, it becomes apparent that there are players who may be unfamiliar to the younger generation or those who may not remember their names. The club’s rich history spans over 100 years, encompassing numerous matches played on the iconic Mestalla pitch. By studying these players and their performances, we can truly appreciate the legacy and impact they have left on Valencia CF.

Best Players in the History of Valencia CF

To determine the top ten players in Valencia‘s history, we will consider our own opinions as well as user data and statistics. This approach will help us create a ranking that reflects the skill and impact of each player accurately.

10. Pablo Aimar

Pablo Aimar, known as “the magician,” joined Valencia after performing exceptionally well for his hometown team, River Plate. Valencia CF outbid other major European clubs by paying 24 million euros to acquire him and signed him for a seven-season contract.

Aimar proved to be a crucial player during Valencia’s most successful period. He played a vital role in winning two league titles and a UEFA Cup. In the UEFA Cup final against Olympique de Marseille, Valencia emerged victorious with a 2-0 scoreline, with Aimar’s contributions being instrumental.

Throughout his six seasons with Valencia, Aimar scored a total of 34 goals and provided 46 assists in 216 games. In the 2001/2002 season, he particularly stood out in the league, playing in 33 matches and contributing 4 goals and 9 assists to the team’s success. Aimar’s skill and playmaking abilities were highly valued by the club and fans alike.

9. David Villa

In ninth place, we have “El Guaje,” the last great number 9 to play at Mestalla, David Villa. He joined Valencia CF from Zaragoza after two impressive seasons with the Maño club.

In his first season with Valencia, Villa showcased his scoring prowess by netting 25 goals in 37 league games. This outstanding performance earned him second place in the Pichichi standings, narrowly missing out on the Golden Boot that season, which was won by Samuel Eto’o. Villa’s exceptional form also earned him a spot in the Spanish national team, and he went on to win the 2006 World Cup in Germany with them.

Although the 2007-2008 season wasn’t as prolific for Villa, he managed to lift his only title with Valencia CF, winning the Copa del Rey against Getafe CF.

The 2008-2009 season proved to be Villa’s most successful in terms of scoring, as he reached an impressive tally of 28 goals in La Liga. This equaled the highest number of goals scored by a Valencia player, a record previously held by Mario Kempes in 1978 and Predrag Mijatovic in 1996.

In the summer of 2010, Villa left Valencia to join FC Barcelona, leaving behind a remarkable record of 129 goals in 225 games for Valencia CF.

8. Antonio Puchades

The first notable player in the list is the legendary Valencian number 6, known for his imposing physical presence and exceptional defensive skills. He played over 400 games for Valencia CF, contributing significantly to the team’s success. He helped the club secure a league title in 1947 and triumphed in two Generalissimo Cups in 1949 and 1954.

His impact and legacy within the club are so significant that the stadium where Valencia CF’s reserve team, Valencia Mestalla, plays its home matches is named after him. The stadium is situated in the team’s Sports City in Paterna, further emphasizing his importance and contribution to the club’s history.

7. Santiago Canizares

Cañete, who joined Valencia CF from Real Madrid in 1998, holds an impressive record as one of the most successful Valencian players. During his time with the club, he achieved two league titles, two cup victories, one Spanish Super Cup, one UEFA Cup, and one European Super Cup. Additionally, Valencia CF reached two consecutive Champions League finals, but unfortunately, they were defeated by Real Madrid (3-0) and Bayern Munich on penalties.

Furthermore, Cañete also earned three Zamora Trophies, awarded to the goalkeeper with the fewest goals conceded, in the 2000-2001, 2001-2002, and 2003-2004 seasons. The latter season also saw Valencia CF secure their second league title, with Rafa Benítez as the coach.

Cañete’s commitment to the club was evident as he represented Valencia CF for ten seasons and even served as captain during several of them. His contributions and leadership were highly valued by the team and its fans.

6. David Albelda

The sixth position in this ranking belongs to another iconic number 6, who also served as one of the club’s esteemed captains. After two loan spells at Villarreal in 1996-97 and 1998-99, Albelda became an integral part of the Valencia CF midfield, holding his position from 1999 to 2013 without interruption. Alongside Rubén Baraja, he formed a formidable duo that played a vital role in the club’s success during the early 2000s, particularly in winning league titles and the UEFA Cup.

Albelda holds the record for the third-highest number of appearances for Valencia CF, as well as being the highest-scoring defensive midfielder, with 115 goals. He gained a reputation for his tough marking and defensive prowess, but he also showcased his ability to contribute with crucial goals. One notable goal he scored was against Osasuna at El Sadar, leaving a lasting memory for fans.

His longevity at the club, leadership as captain, and impressive performances cemented Albelda’s status as one of the club’s greats and earned him a place in this ranking.

5. Fernando Gomez

“El catedrático,” who wore the Valencia CF jersey for an impressive 15 seasons from 1983 to 1995, holds notable records within the club. Despite not being a striker by trade, he is the fourth-highest goal scorer in the club’s history. Moreover, he holds the record for the most appearances, having played in a total of 553 official matches for Valencia CF.

However, despite these remarkable achievements, his career at Valencia CF is marred by the absence of any titles. Unfortunately, he played during some of the club’s challenging periods, and the lack of silverware weighs heavily on his overall career.

Nevertheless, his contributions, longevity, and records make him a significant figure in Valencia CF’s history, showcasing his commitment and loyalty to the club throughout his 15 seasons.

4. Waldo

Waldo Machado da Silva, commonly known as “Waldo,” was a center forward who played for Valencia CF for a remarkable 9 seasons. During his time with the club, he scored an impressive total of 160 goals, establishing himself as one of the top scorers in Valencia CF’s history.

Although Waldo only managed to win one Copa del Rey title during his tenure with the club, his goal-scoring ability and skills have earned him a revered place in Valencia CF’s history. Notably, he was renowned for his power and precision indirect free kicks, which led him to secure the Pichichi Trophy for the highest goal scorer in the 1966-1967 season.

Waldo’s contributions as a prolific scorer and his proficiency in free kicks have left an enduring legacy within the club, solidifying his status as one of Valencia CF’s greatest players.

3. Gaizka Mendieta

Gaizka Mendieta is regarded as one of the standout stars during Valencia CF’s most successful period, which included two consecutive Champions League finals.

Known for his incredible goals, Mendieta reached the pinnacle of his career during one of the club’s golden ages. He was not only a key leader during this time but also recognized as one of the top European players. In fact, his transfer to Italian club Lazio made him the most expensive Spanish player at that time, with a fee of 8,000 million pesetas (€48 million).

Mendieta proudly represented Valencia CF, making 309 appearances and scoring 59 goals throughout his nine seasons with the club. His performances left an indelible mark on the fans, creating unforgettable memories of his time at Valencia.

2. Edmundo Suárez

Edmundo Suárez de Trabanco, commonly known as Mundo, holds the esteemed title of being the all-time leading goal scorer for Valencia CF and ranks as the tenth top scorer in the history of La Liga. These achievements make him a compelling candidate for a place on the podium in this ranking.

During his time as a Valencia CF player, Mundo achieved remarkable success. He won three league titles with the club and secured the prestigious Pichichi Trophy twice, which is awarded to the highest goal scorer in La Liga. Over the course of his 11 seasons with Valencia, Mundo showcased his determination and resilience as a formidable number 9, always giving his all in every match. His goals and tenacity endeared him to the loyal Valencia fans, earning a permanent place in their hearts.

Mundo’s exceptional goal-scoring record, numerous accolades, and significant impact on the success of Valencia CF solidify his position as one of the greatest players in the club’s history.

1. Mario Kempes

Kempes is considered one of the best Argentine players ever, alongside Maradona and Messi. He is also regarded as one of Valencia CF’s greatest players. Known as the “matador,” he played a crucial role in the club’s most important victory, the 1980 Cup Winners’ Cup.

During his 7 seasons with Valencia CF (split into two periods), Kempes won the Pichichi Trophy twice for being the top goal scorer, scoring an impressive 149 goals. Along with the Cup Winners’ Cup, he also won the Copa del Rey in 1979 and the European Super Cup in 1980.

The fans at Mestalla Stadium are known for their high expectations, but they appreciate and honor players who represent the club with skill and dedication. The loyalty of the Ché fans is unwavering, supporting the team through difficult times with bravery. We hope that Valencia CF will soon achieve more major titles and accomplishments, bringing joy to their dedicated fans once again.

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