The 10 Best Young Players in The World in 2024

Best Young Players in The World in 2024: We made a list of the top 10 young soccer players in the world today. But, it’s important to know that the order they’re in on the list doesn’t necessarily mean that one player is better than the other. The players’ performances could change and cause the rankings to change too.


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Best Young Players in The World in 2024

To create the list, we considered each player’s current performance and their potential for future success. We only included players who are either under 25 years old or exactly 25 years old.

10. Matthijs de Ligt

  • Team: Bayern Munich.
  • Date of Birth/age: August 12, 1999 (23 years old).
  • Market Value: €75 million.

Matthijs de Ligt is a Dutch soccer player who is 23 years old and plays as a center-back. He started playing professionally for Ajax Amsterdam, where he became a regular starter and was even named captain of the team when he was just 19 years old.

Image Source: Instagram

He is still very popular and considered one of the best young soccer players in the world.

9. Fede Valverde

  • Team: Real Madrid.
  • Date of Birth/age: July 22, 1998 (25 years old).
  • Market Value: €100 million.

Fede Valverde is a young soccer player who is 25 years old and plays as a midfielder for Real Madrid. He is an important player for his team, and many fans like him because he plays in a dynamic and versatile way.

Image Source: Instagram

People at Real Madrid think Fede Valverde is going to be a great player in the future. He has a lot of competition in the team, but he has shown that he is a reliable backup option.

He is under 25 years old and can help the team now and in the future. He is also good at both the physical and technical aspects of soccer, and he works hard on the field.

8. Jadon Sancho

  • Team: Manchester United.
  • Date of Birth/age: March 25, 2000 (23 years old).
  • Market Value: €55 million.

Jadon Sancho is a 23-year-old soccer player who plays as a forward for Manchester United. He has already played for England’s national team and people think he could be a star player for both his club and his country.

Image Source: Instagram

Jadon Sancho has been playing well for a long time. He can play on either side of the field, and he is fast, good at dribbling, and can see the field well. He is going to be a problem for the other teams in the Premier League because he is so talented. Many people think he is one of the best young soccer players in England.

7. Pedri

  • Team: Barcelona.
  • Date of Birth/age: November 25, 2002 (21 years old).
  • Market value: €100 million.

Pedri is a 21-year-old soccer player from Las Palmas who has impressed a lot of people with how well he has played this season. He is considered one of the best young players in the world, and he has even played for Spain’s National Team.

Image Source: Instagram

Many people think Pedri will play in the Eurocup because he is so good. He plays in a style similar to Andrés Iniesta, who is also a famous soccer player.

6. Alphonso Davies

  • Team: Bayern München.
  • Date of Birth/age: November 2, 2000 (23 years old).
  • Market Value: €70 million.

Alphonso Davies is a really good left-back from Canada who is highly valued and respected around the world. He helped Bayern Munich win the championship, and people think he will continue to do well with the team in the future.

Image Source: Instagram

Alphonso Davies played well in the 2020/2021 season, and he has continued to play great in the 2022/2023 season. He is one of the best young soccer players in Europe right now.

5. Trent Alexander-Arnold

  • Team: Liverpool.
  • Date of Birth/age: October 7, 1998 (25 years old).
  • Market Value: €65 million.

Trent Alexander-Arnold is a 25-year-old soccer player who plays as a right-back for Liverpool. He can also play as a winger, which makes him even more valuable.

Image Source: Instagram

Even though Liverpool hasn’t done well this season, Trent Alexander-Arnold is still really young and has a lot of potential. Even if he hasn’t played his best this season, he is still thought to be one of the best right-backs in the world and one of the best young soccer players out there.

4. Jude Bellingham

  • Team: Real Madrid.
  • Date of Birth/age: 29 June 2003 (age 20)
  • Market Value: €180 million.

Jude Bellingham is one of the best young football player. He’s ranked as the 4th best young player in the world in 2024. Right now, he plays for Real Madrid in La Liga and also plays for the England national team. In 2023, he won two big awards for young footballers: the Golden Boy and the Kopa Trophy. These awards are for the best players under 21 in Europe and the world.

Best Young Players in The World
Image Source: Instagram

Bellingham started playing soccer at Birmingham City when he was just 8 years old. He became the youngest player on the first team when he played his first game in August 2019 at 16 years old. He played a lot in the 2019–20 season. After that, he moved to Borussia Dortmund in July 2020. In his first game with Dortmund, he became their youngest player to score a goal.

He played there for three seasons, made 132 appearances, and helped Dortmund win the 2020–21 DFB-Pokal. In the 2022–23 season, he did well and got the Bundesliga Player of the Season award. In 2023, he joined Real Madrid for €103 million.

3. Vinícius Júnior

  • Team: Real Madrid.
  • Date of Birth/age: July 12, 2000 (23 years old).
  • Market Value: €150 million.

Vinícius Júnior has some problems since he started playing for Real Madrid, but this season he has shown that he’s a talented player. He has the potential to keep getting better and he’s expected to do well with the team in the future. One of the things he’s good at is running fast and getting past other players.

Image Source: Instagram

Although Vinícius has shown great potential this season, he needs to work on his finishing skills. If he can improve his accuracy in front of the goal, he has the potential to be a game-changer in some matches, like a new version of Pelé.

2. Erling Braut Haaland

  • Team: Man City.
  • Date of Birth/Age: July 21, 2000 (23 years old)
  • Market Value: €180 million.

Erling Braut Haaland is a talented footballer from Norway who is famous for his speed, power, and ability to score goals. Despite being only 23 years old, he’s well-known in football and has gained a lot of attention.

Image Source: Instagram

In 2023 Haaland was competing with other top players such as Lewandowski, Mbappé, and Messi for the Golden Boot award but earned 2nd spot after Messi won it. This award is given to the player who scores the most goals in a league and is a big deal.

1. Kylian Mbappé

  • Team: PSG.
  • Date of Birth/age: December 20, 1998 (25 years old)
  • Market value: €180 million.

We believe that Kylian Mbappé is the best young football player in the world. He is also one of the best players in general, and many top European teams want to sign him because he is really good. Mbappé is going to have a successful career because he has a lot of talent.

Image Source: Instagram

People call Mbappé “The Heir” because he could be as good as other famous players like Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Neymar Júnior. Right now, he is competing with Haaland to see who is the better player.

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