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Goalkeepers With Most Penalties Saved 2024

Goalkeepers With Most Penalties Saved 2024: In the exciting world of football, few moments are as nerve-wracking as penalty kicks. The pressure is intense, and you can feel the anticipation in the air. For the goalkeeper, it’s a lonely battle against the odds, a final stand against what seems inevitable. But among these goalkeepers, some have gone beyond just stopping shots and become experts at saving penalty kicks. Those goalkeepers have defied expectations and become masters of saving penalties in the 21st century.

Goalkeepers With Most Penalties Saved In The 21st Century

Here is the list of Goalkeepers With the Most Penalties Saved In The 21st Century.

RankGoalkeeperPenalties Saved
1Samir Handanovic43
2Gianluigi Buffon30
3Diego Alves26
4Manuel Neuer25
5Andrea Consigli21
6Mickaël Landreau21
7Petr Cech21
8Iker Casillas20
9Benoît Costil20
10Frank Rost20
11Diego López19
12Pepe Reina19
13Tim Howard18
14Simon Jentzsch18
15Stefano Sorrentino18
16Diego Benaglio18
17Hans Jörg Butt17
18Wojciech Szczesny17
19Antonio Mirante17
20Hugo Lloris17


Who saved the most penalties ever?

Samir Handanovic is good at stopping penalties in professional football. He has saved an impressive 43 penalties so far. He played for different teams like Inter Milan and Udinese, and he’s known for his skills in Serie A and the Champions League.

How many penalties did Yashin save?

Yashin, according to most sources like FIFA, is believed to have stopped more than 150 penalties in his career. However, this number is an estimate from historical reports and expert opinions, so it might not be completely accurate.

Who has taken the most penalties in history?

Ronaldo is the record holder for scoring the most goals from penalties, with 160 successfully converted. This also suggests that he has probably taken the most penalty kicks. Estimates suggest that he has attempted around 186 penalties in total.

Who is the No 1 penalty taker in football?

Bruno Fernandes has an impressive career with a phenomenal 89.5% conversion rate when it comes to scoring penalty goals. This makes him highly reliable, especially when taking penalty kicks.

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