Lionel Messi Vs Alfredo Di Stéfano: Goals, Assists, Titles, And Individual Awards, Who is the Best?

Lionel Messi Vs Alfredo Di Stéfano: Lionel Messi and Alfredo Di Stéfano are both legendary footballers. Messi is often considered the greatest ever. He’s won the Ballon d’Or award eight times and the European Golden Shoe six times. With Barcelona, he’s won ten La Liga titles and four UEFA Champions League titles. Messi also helped Argentina win the Copa América and the World Cup in 2021 and 2022.

Di Stéfano was incredibly successful too. He won the Ballon d’Or twice. With Real Madrid, he won five European Cups and eight La Liga titles. He played a crucial role in Real Madrid’s first five European Cup victories.

Lionel Messi Vs Alfredo Di Stéfano

Now, let’s compare Messi and Di Stéfano in terms of goals, assists, titles, and individual awards to decide who’s the best.

Messi vs Di Stéfano All-Time Stats

StatMessiDi Stéfano
Total Appearances1069706
Total Goals827509
Total Assists400
International Goals10329
Total Hat-tricks5722
Ballon d’Or Awards82
Golden Shoe Awards6
Champions League Titles45
International Titles51

Messi vs Di Stéfano Stats At Club Level

StatMessiDi Stéfano
Penalty Goals8420
Minutes Per Goal101′129′
Minutes Played72.402′37.807′

Messi vs Di Stéfano Stats At the National Level

StatMessiDi Stéfano
Penalty Goals23
Minutes Per Goal141′ 121′
Minutes Played14.554′2.775′

Messi vs Di Stéfano Titles

CompetitionMessiDi Stéfano
La Liga108
Copa del Rey7
Supercopa de España8
UEFA Champions League45
UEFA Super Cup3
FIFA Club World Cup3
Ligue 12
Trophée des Champions1
FIFA World Youth Championship1
Summer Olympics1
FIFA World Cup1
Copa América1
CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions1
Argentine First Division 2
Aldao Cup1
Professional Championship 3
Colombia Cup 1
Small Club World Cup1
Generalissimo’s Cup 1
Latin Cup2
Intercontinental Cup1
Small Club World Cup1
South American Championship1

Messi vs Di Stéfano Individual Awards

AwardsMessiDi Stéfano
The Best FIFA Men’s Player8
Ballon d’Or82
European Golden Shoe6
UEFA Best Player in Europe3
Top Goalscorer2310
TM-Player of the season4
Olympic Medalist1
Footballer of the Year10
FIFA World Cup Golden Ball2
Pichichi Trophy85

Messi vs Di Stéfano Penalty Goals

MessiDi Stéfano

Messi vs Di Stéfano Free Kick Goals

MessiDi Stéfano

Messi vs Di Stéfano Hat Tricks

MessiDi Stéfano


Who’s The Best At Dribbling? Messi or Di Stéfano

Many websites and experts consider Messi one of the greatest dribblers of all time.

Who’s The Best At Heading? Messi or Di Stéfano

Di Stéfano is often regarded as a dominant header during his time, considering the style of play and the era he played in. On the other hand, Messi, despite not being known primarily for his heading ability, has shown impressive skills in heading the ball, particularly in crucial moments.
WINNER: Di Stéfano

Who’s The Best At Passing? Messi or Di Stéfano

Messi is widely regarded as one of the best passers in the history of football. This recognition is supported by modern statistics as well as the opinions of experts in the field.

Who Is Better? Messi or Di Stéfano

Messi and Di Stéfano are undeniably among the greatest footballers ever, each leaving an indelible mark on the sport. Their remarkable careers and enduring influence make it challenging to determine who is the superior player, given they competed in different times. However, there is no doubt that they are both legends of the game.
WINNER: Messi or Di Stéfano

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