Lionel Messi Vs Ángel Di María: Goals, Assists, Titles, And Individual Awards, Who is the Best?

Lionel Messi Vs Ángel Di María: Lionel Messi and Ángel Di María are two of the best soccer players globally, and they play in attacking positions. However, they have different strengths and weaknesses.

Messi is a center forward. He’s good at controlling the ball, seeing the whole game, and scoring goals. He’s known for his amazing dribbling skills and can make chances for himself and his teammates. Messi has scored more than 800 goals in his career.

Di María is a winger, and he’s famous for being fast, skillful, and creating opportunities. He’s excellent at handling the ball and can easily go past defenders. Di María is also a good passer, setting up chances for his teammates.

Messi is an all-around player with many skills, while Di María is faster and more skilled, although not as complete as Messi. Both players have had very successful careers.

Lionel Messi Vs Ángel Di María

In this article, we’ll discuss Lionel Messi Vs Ángel Di María, looking at their goals, assists, titles, and individual awards to determine who might be considered the best.

Messi vs Di María All-Time Stats

StatMessiDi María
Total Appearances1069883
Total Goals827202
Total Assists400287
Champions League Goals12923
International Goals10329
Total Hat-tricks573
Ballon d’Or Awards8
Golden Shoe Awards6
Champions League Titles41
International Titles55

Messi vs Di María Stats For The 2023/2024 Season

StatMessiDi María

Messi vs Di María Stats At Club Level

StatMessiDi María
Penalty Goals845
Minutes Per Goal101′290′
Minutes Played72.402′50.116′

Messi vs Di María Stats At the National Level

StatMessiDi María
Penalty Goals232
Minutes Per Goal141′ 315′
Minutes Played14.554′9.138′

Face-To-Face Clashes Between Messi And Di María

CompetitionMatchesResultMessi GoalsDi María Goals
LaLiga 10/11Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 5:0
LaLiga 10/11Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona1:11
Copa del Rey 10/11Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 0:1 AET
UEFA Champions League 10/11Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona 0:22
UEFA Champions League 10/11Barcelona Vs Real Madrid1:1
Supercopa 11/12Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona 2:21
Supercopa 11/12Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 3:22
LaLiga 11/12Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona 1:3
LaLiga 11/12Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 1:2
Supercopa 12/13Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 3:211
Supercopa 12/13Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona 2:11
LaLiga 12/13Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 2:22
Copa del Rey 12/13Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 1:3
LaLiga 13/14Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 2:1
LaLiga 13/14Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona3:43
Copa del Rey 13/14Barcelona Vs Real Madrid1:21
UEFA Champions League 16/17Paris SG Vs FC Barcelona 4:02
UEFA Champions League 16/17Barcelona Vs Paris Saint-Germain6:11
UEFA Champions League 20/21Paris SG Vs FC Barcelona1:11
Total19 Games39:31154

Messi And Di María Playing As A Teammate (Win, Draws, Lost)

(Team) CompetitionMatchesWinsLostDraw
Olympic Games 5500
WC Qualifiers South America 3822412
Friendlies 312443
WC 20105410
Copa América 2011 3111
WC 2014 5500
Copa América 2015 6411
Copa América 2016 1010
WC 20183111
Copa América 2019 4121
Copa América 20216501
Cup of Champions 1100
2022 WC5410
(Paris Saint-Germain)
Ligue 1201073
Champions League4220

Messi And Di María Playing As a Teammate (Goals and Assists)

Messi Di María
(Team) CompetitionGoalsAssistsGoalsAssists
Olympic Games 2322
WC Qualifiers South America 23768
Friendlies 241175
WC 20101
Copa América 2011 31
WC 2014 411
Copa América 2015 1323
Copa América 2016
WC 2018121
Copa América 2019 1
Copa América 20212411
Cup of Champions 21
2022 WC5212
(Paris Saint-Germain)
Ligue 141045
Champions League21

Messi vs Di María Titles

CompetitionMessiDi María
La Liga101
Copa del Rey71
Supercopa de España81
UEFA Champions League41
UEFA Super Cup31
FIFA Club World Cup3
Ligue 125
Trophée des Champions15
FIFA World Youth Championship1
Summer Olympics11
FIFA World Cup11
Copa América11
CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions11
Primeira Liga1
Taça da Liga2
Supertaça Cândido de Oliveira1
Coupe de France5
Coupe de la Ligue4
FIFA U-20 World Cup1

Messi vs Di María Individual Awards

AwardsMessiDi María
The Best FIFA Men’s Player4
Ballon d’Or8
European Golden Shoe6
UEFA Best Player in Europe3
Top Goalscorer221
TM-Player of the season4
Olympic Medalist1
Footballer of the Year101
FIFA World Cup Golden Ball2
Pichichi Trophy8

Messi vs Di María Penalty Goals

MessiDi María

Messi vs Di María Free Kick Goals

MessiDi María

Messi vs Di María Hat Tricks

MessiDi María


Who’s The Best At Dribbling? Messi or Di María

Messi’s dribbling is often seen as graceful and imaginative, while Di María’s is more straightforward and forceful. In the 2022 World Cup group stage, Di María completed 7 dribbles, while Messi completed 5. However, when you look at their overall careers, Messi has a higher rate of completing dribbles compared to Di María.

Who’s The Best At Heading? Messi or Di María

Di María is considered better at using his head in soccer when we consider things like how they look physically, how they play the game, and how often they score goals by heading the ball into the net.
WINNER: Di María

Who’s The Best At Passing? Messi or Di María

Messi usually makes passes that cleverly break through the opposing team’s defense, setting up chances for goals directly. On the other hand, Di María tends to pass by sending in crosses and taking set-pieces, trying to create opportunities for his teammates to score. In the history of soccer, Di María is among the top 5 players with the most assists, while Messi holds the top spot.

Who Is Better? Messi or Di María

In our opinion, Messi is considered the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) in soccer. Messi is famous for his amazing dribbling skills, playmaking abilities, and goal-scoring talent. His vision and creativity on the field are unmatched, and he often dictates the flow of the game.
On the other hand, Di María is well-known for his explosive speed, strong dribbling, precise crosses, and effective set-piece deliveries. He usually plays as a winger or attacking midfielder, creating chances not only for himself but also for his teammates.
Ultimately, our judgment leans towards Messi as the GOAT, recognizing his exceptional skills and impact on the game.

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