Manchester City: All-time top Goalscorers in the Premier League

All-time top Goalscorers in the Premier League: Manchester City, also known as the Sky Blues, are famous for their strong attacking style of play in the Premier League. They focus on keeping possession of the ball and have won many trophies with this approach. The key to their success lies in having great goal-scorers. In this journey, we will make a list of top goal scorers for Manchester City’s history in the Premier League.

All-time top Goalscorers in the Premier League

Here are the top 10 goal scorers for Manchester City.

1Sergio AgüeroArgentina2011–2021184
2Eric BrookEngland1927–1940158
3Tommy JohnsonEngland1920–1930158
4Billy MeredithWales1894–1906, 1921–1924146
5Joe HayesEngland1953–1965142
6Billie GillespieScotland1897–1905126
7Tommy BrowellEngland1913–1926122
8Colin BellEngland1966–1979117
9Francis LeeEngland1967–1974112
10Fred TilsonEngland1928–1938110

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