Lionel Messi Vs Raúl: Goals, Assists, Titles, And Individual Awards, Who is the Best?

Lionel Messi Vs Raúl: Comparing Lionel Messi and Raúl González Blanco is like weighing two football legends, each with their own unique strengths. Messi, often considered the greatest player ever, boasts a record-breaking eight Ballon d’Or wins and holds top spots in La Liga and Champions League goal-scoring history.

His play is marked by prolific scoring, skilled dribbling, and visionary playmaking. With Barcelona, he secured four Champions League titles and 10 La Liga trophies, adding a major international triumph with Argentina in the 2022 World Cup.

On the other side, Raúl stands as Real Madrid’s all-time leading scorer, achieving success with six La Liga titles and three Champions League victories. His versatility as an attacker, intelligent movement, and leadership set him apart. While Messi edges out Raúl in total goals, the latter boasts a slightly better goals-to-game ratio. Messi shines as a superior playmaker, while Raúl leans more towards being a goal-scoring threat.

Both have achieved remarkable success at the club level, but Messi’s international triumph with Argentina enhances his legacy. In the eyes of history, Messi’s individual awards and artistic style give him a slight edge.

Lionel Messi Vs Raúl

In this article, we compare Lionel Messi and Raúl by looking at their goals, assists, titles, and individual awards. We aim to determine who is the better player.

Messi vs Raúl All-Time Stats

Total Appearances10691017
Total Goals827427
Total Assists400146
Champions League Goals12971
International Goals10344
Total Hat-tricks573
Ballon d’Or Awards8
Golden Shoe Awards6
Champions League Titles43
International Titles5

Messi vs Raúl Stats At Club Level

Penalty Goals8412
Minutes Per Goal101′196
Minutes Played72.402′74.970

Messi vs Raúl Stats At the National Level

Penalty Goals233
Minutes Per Goal141′ 172′
Minutes Played14.554′7.567′

Face-To-Face Clashes Between Messi And Raúl

CompetitionMatchesResultMessi GoalsRaúl Goals
LaLiga 05/06Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona0:3
LaLiga 06/07Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona 2:01
LaLiga 06/07Barcelona Vs Real Madrid3:33
LaLiga 07/08Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona 4:11
LaLiga 08/09Barcelona Vs Real Madrid 2:01
LaLiga 08/09Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona 2:63
LaLiga 09/10Barcelona Vs Real Madrid1:0
LaLiga 09/10Real Madrid Vs FC Barcelona0:21
Total8 Games18:1172

Messi vs Raúl Titles

La Liga106
Copa del Rey7
Supercopa de España84
UEFA Champions League43
UEFA Super Cup31
FIFA Club World Cup3
Ligue 12
Trophée des Champions1
FIFA World Youth Championship1
Summer Olympics1
FIFA World Cup1
Copa América1
CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions1
Dallas Cup2
Intercontinental Cup2
Qatar Stars League1
North American Soccer League: Spring Season 1
North American Supporters’ Trophy1
Emir of Qatar Cup1
Soccer Bowl1

Messi vs Raúl Individual Awards

The Best FIFA Men’s Player8
Ballon d’Or8
European Golden Shoe6
UEFA Best Player in Europe3
Top Goalscorer235
TM-Player of the season4
Olympic Medalist1
Footballer of the Year105
FIFA World Cup Golden Ball2
Pichichi Trophy82

Messi vs Raúl Penalty Goals


Messi vs Raúl Free Kick Goals


Messi vs Raúl Hat Tricks



Who’s The Best At Dribbling? Messi or Raúl

Messi is known for being close to the ground and quickly changing direction. He can easily go past defenders with smooth footwork that looks effortless. His dribbling seems like he’s making it up on the spot, reacting quickly to pressure and making space out of nowhere.
Raúl had a strong body and could accelerate explosively. This allowed him to push through defenders using sheer force. While his dribbling wasn’t as fancy as Messi’s, he made up for it with his speed and quick decision-making.

Who’s The Best At Heading? Messi or Raúl

Messi is mainly focused on dribbling, creating plays, and scoring during open play. Although he does score with headers at times, it’s not as common as it is for Raúl.

Who’s The Best At Passing? Messi or Raúl

Messi is said to have one of the best abilities to see the game. He can notice teammates moving into open areas almost like he has telepathic awareness. Using both feet, he can make very precise passes, whether they’re through balls, crosses, or long-range passes, all done with amazing accuracy and timing.
On the other hand, Raúl may not be as flashy as Messi, but his passing was really smart and effective. He knew when to make a simple pass, change the direction of the play, or make a risky pass through tight spaces. His timing for making runs and predicting where his teammates would be was crucial for his success.

Who Is Better? Messi or Raúl

Deciding between Messi and Raúl depends on what you like in a football player. If you like someone who scores a lot and has amazing individual skills, go for Messi. If you prefer a player with a well-rounded skillset, consistency, and leadership, then Raúl might be your choice. It’s all about what you value more in a player.
I think Messi is the better player. He played well for a longer time and achieved more success.

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