Michael Jordan Vs Allen Iverson

Michael Jordan Vs Allen Iverson: Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson are two of the best basketball players ever. People think Jordan is the greatest, while Iverson made a big impact too.

Jordan was born in North Carolina in 1963. He played college basketball at North Carolina and won a championship in 1982. The Chicago Bulls picked him in 1984, and he became one of the top players. Jordan won six NBA championships in the 1990s, got many awards, and won two Olympic gold medals.

Iverson was born in Virginia in 1975. He played college basketball at Georgetown and led them to the championship game in 1997. The Philadelphia 76ers chose him first in the 1996 NBA draft. Iverson was known for his amazing skills and fearless play. He took the 76ers to the NBA Finals in 2001 but lost to the Lakers. Iverson won many awards too.

Jordan and Iverson were both super exciting to watch. Jordan was well-rounded, while Iverson was explosive.

They had a strong rivalry, meeting in the playoffs many times. Jordan usually won, but Iverson always played hard.

Michael Jordan Vs Allen Iverson

Now, let’s talk about some stats. Who scored more points in their career? Who did better in the playoffs? Who won more championships? Who was the season leader more often? Who got more MVP awards?

Points Per Game30.126.7
Rebounds Per Game6.23.7
Assists Per Game5.36.2
Steals Per Game2.32.2
Blocks Per Game0.80.2
Total Points32,29224,368
Total Rebounds6,6723,394
Total Assists5,6335,624
Total Steals2,5141,983
Total Blocks893164
Total Games1,072914
Field Goal Percentage.497.425
3-Point Percentage.327.313
Free Throw Percentage.835.780
Points Per Game37.1 (1987)33.0 (2006)
Rebounds Per Game8.0 (1989)4.9 (1999)
Assists Per Game8.0 (1989)7.9 (2005)
Steals Per Game3.2 (1988)2.8 (2002)
Blocks Per Game1.6 (1988)0.3 (1997)
Points Per Game33.429.7
Rebounds Per Game6.43.8
Assists Per Game5.76.0
Steals Per Game2.12.1
Blocks Per Game0.90.2
Total Points5,9872,111
Total Rebounds1,152273
Total Assists1,022425
Total Steals376147
Total Blocks15814
Total Games17971
Field Goal Percentage.487.401
3-Point Percentage.332.327
Free Throw Percentage.828.764
Points Per Game43.7 (1986)32.9 (2001)
Rebounds Per Game7.9 (1997)4.7 (2001)
Assists Per Game8.5 (1985)10.0 (2005)
Steals Per Game2.8 (1990)2.6 (2002)
Blocks Per Game2.3 (1987)0.4 (2005)
NBA Championships60
NBA Seasons1514
Playoffs Played138
All-Star Games1411
All-NBA Teams117
All-NBA First Team103
Finals MVP60
Season MVP51
All-Defensive 1st Team90
All-Defensive Teams90
Defensive Player of The Year10
Rookie of The Year11
Steals Leader33
Scoring Leader104

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