Michael Jordan Vs Dwight Howard

Michael Jordan Vs Dwight Howard: Michael Jordan and Dwight Howard are two of the most dominant big men in NBA history. They both have a long list of accomplishments, including championships, MVP awards, and All-Star appearances.

Jordan is thought to be the best basketball player ever. He won six big championships with the Chicago Bulls and got named the best player in the NBA five times. He also played in the All-Star game 14 times. People remember him for being awesome at scoring, defending, and being very athletic.

On the other hand, Dwight Howard is great too. He’s won the NBA Defensive Player of the Year three times, been an All-Star eight times, and made it to the All-NBA team five times. He’s known for grabbing rebounds, blocking shots, and playing really tough defense.

Michael Jordan Vs Dwight Howard

Now, let’s compare them more easily. First, let’s see who scored more points in their whole careers. Then, we’ll check how they did in the playoffs. After that, we’ll find out who won more championships. Next, we’ll see who was the best player in a season more times. Finally, we’ll figure out who got more MVP awards.

Michael JordanVsDwight Howard
1984-85 to 2002-03Career2004-05 to 2021-22
Points Per Game30.115.7
Rebounds Per Game6.211.8
Assists Per Game5.31.3
Steals Per Game2.30.9
Blocks Per Game0.81.8
Total Points32,29219,485
Total Rebounds6,67214,627
Total Assists5,6331,676
Total Steals2,5141,081
Total Blocks8932,228
Total Games1,0721,242
Field Goal Percentage.497.587
3-Point Percentage.327.214
Free Throw Percentage.835.567
Points Per Game37.1 (1987)22.9 (2011)
Rebounds Per Game8.0 (1989)14.5 (2012)
Assists Per Game8.0 (1989)1.9 (2007)
Steals Per Game3.2 (1988)1.5 (2012)
Blocks Per Game1.6 (1988)2.9 (2009)
Points Per Game33.415.3
Rebounds Per Game6.411.8
Assists Per Game5.71.2
Steals Per Game2.10.8
Blocks Per Game0.92.0
Total Points5,9871,909
Total Rebounds1,1521,473
Total Assists1,022149
Total Steals37694
Total Blocks158248
Total Games179125
Field Goal Percentage.487.589
3-Point Percentage.332.143
Free Throw Percentage.828.548
Points Per Game43.7 (1986)27.0 (2011)
Rebounds Per Game7.9 (1997)15.8 (2008)
Assists Per Game8.5 (1985)1.9 (2009)
Steals Per Game2.8 (1990)1.4 (2015)
Blocks Per Game2.3 (1987)3.5 (2010)
NBA Championships61
NBA Seasons1518
Playoffs Played1312
All-Star Games148
All-NBA Teams118
All-NBA First Team105
Finals MVP60
Season MVP50
All-Defensive 1st Team94
All-Defensive Teams95
Defensive Player of The Year13
Rookie of The Year10
Steals Leader30
Scoring Leader100
Blocks Leader02

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