Michael Jordan Vs Kobe Bryant

Michael Jordan Vs Kobe Bryant: Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant were two of the best basketball players ever. They are remembered for their incredible skills, hard work, and being excellent on the court. Both of them had a unique mix of talent, athleticism, and a strong work ethic that helped them reach the top of the basketball world. Their influence goes beyond just playing the game; they’ve inspired many players and fans around the world.

Michael Jordan is often considered the greatest basketball player ever. He changed the game with his amazing ability to score, defend, and do incredible moves in the air. Winning six NBA championships, six MVP awards, and 15 NBA Seasons made him a true legend.

Kobe Bryant, often seen as the successor to Jordan, followed in his footsteps by working extremely hard and always aiming for victory. Kobe won five NBA championships, two MVP awards, and two 20 NBA Seasons, placing him among the best in the game.

Both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant left a lasting impact on basketball, not just for their incredible skills but also for inspiring many people who love the game.

Michael Jordan Vs Kobe Bryant

In this article, we compare Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Points Per Game30.125.0
Rebounds Per Game6.25.2
Assists Per Game5.34.7
Steals Per Game2.31.4
Blocks Per Game0.80.5
Total Points32,29233,43
Total Rebounds6,6727,047
Total Assists5,6336,306
Total Steals2,5141,944
Total Blocks893640
Total Games1,0721,346
Field Goal Percentage.497.447
3-Point Percentage.327.329
Free Throw Percentage.835.837
Points Per Game37.1 (1987)35.4 (2006)
Rebounds Per Game8.0 (1989)6.9 (2003)
Assists Per Game8.0 (1989)6.3 (2014)
Steals Per Game3.2 (1988)2.2 (2003)
Blocks Per Game1.6 (1988)1.0 (1999)
Points Per Game33.425.6
Rebounds Per Game6.45.1
Assists Per Game5.74.7
Steals Per Game2.11.4
Blocks Per Game0.90.7
Total Points5,9875,640
Total Rebounds1,1521,119
Total Assists1,0221,040
Total Steals376310
Total Blocks158144
Total Games179220
Field Goal Percentage.487.448
3-Point Percentage.332.331
Free Throw Percentage.828.816
Points Per Game43.7 (1986)32.8 (2007)
Rebounds Per Game7.9 (1997)7.3 (2001)
Assists Per Game8.5 (1985)6.1 (2001)
Steals Per Game2.8 (1990)1.9 (2004)
Blocks Per Game2.3 (1987)1.5 (2000)
NBA Championships65
NBA Seasons1520
Playoffs Played1315
All-Star Games1418
All-NBA Teams1115
All-NBA First Team1011
Finals MVP62
Season MVP51
All-Defensive 1st Team99
All-Defensive Teams912
Defensive Player of The Year10
Rookie of The Year10
Steals Leader30
Scoring Leader102

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