Manchester City: Most Assists in Premier League and UEFA Competitions

Most Assists in Premier League and UEFA Competitions: In the middle of Manchester, where fans wear blue scarves and players pass the ball skillfully, there’s a special group of players. They’re not famous for scoring goals but for creating amazing plays. This is the story of Manchester City’s assist kings—players who make perfect passes for their teammates to score.

Manchester City: Most Assists in Premier League and UEFA Competitions

Let’s explore their performances in the Premier League and UEFA competitions. They’re the ones making precise crosses, clever through balls, and smart cutbacks that show off their attacking skills. Get ready to hear about the players who create opportunities and quietly help the team succeed. It’s a journey into the world of the assist kings, where creativity rules the game.

Manchester City: Most Assists in Premier League

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Manchester City is known for its powerful attacks in the Premier League, but let’s shine a spotlight on the real heroes – the assist kings who set up many goals. Here’s a look at some City players who’ve created the most chances in this prestigious competition:

  1. Kevin De Bruyne: A true legend, De Bruyne has an incredible 101 assists for City in the Premier League. His precise crosses and brilliant passing make him a nightmare for defenses.
  2. David Silva: This Spanish magician retired with 93 assists. His smart moves, precise control, and ability to find spaces were a joy to watch.
  3. Sergio Agüero: The all-time top scorer for Man City also provided 47 assists.
  4. Raheem Sterling: Now at Chelsea, Sterling made his mark with 47 assists for City. His speed, directness, and skill at drawing defenders created numerous chances.
  5. Bernardo Silva: The Portuguese playmaker’s cleverness and technical brilliance resulted in 36 assists. His quick changes of pace and deft touches unlock defenses.
  6. Riyad Mahrez: The Algerian winger’s dazzling footwork and ability to create space led to 34 assists. His deadly crosses and cutbacks make him a potent assist machine.

These players showcase the incredible talent in City’s midfield and flanks. Their creativity and vision have been crucial to the club’s success, making them true assist kings. Here are the top 10 Manchester City players with the most assists in the Premier League.

1Kevin De Bruyne2015–101
2David Silva2010–202093
3Sergio Agüero2011–202147
4Raheem Sterling2015–202243
5Bernardo Silva2017–36
6Riyad Mahrez2018–202334
7Yaya Touré2010–201832
8Samir Nasri2011–201730
9Gabriel Jesus2017–202229
10Leroy Sané2016–202028

Manchester City: Most Assists in the UEFA Competitions

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When it comes to creating magic on the European stage, Manchester City’s players are just as skilled at setting up goals as they are in the Premier League. Let’s take a closer look at their assist kings in UEFA competitions:

  1. Kevin De Bruyne (again!): No surprise here, the Belgian maestro leads the way with an impressive 27 assists across the Champions League, Europa League, and Cup Winners’ Cup. His passing range and tactical awareness make him a constant threat, whether delivering crosses or slicing through defenses with pinpoint through balls.
  2. Raheem Sterling: Providing 19 assists in UEFA competitions, Sterling has showcased his playmaking skills on the European stage. His speed and ability to create opportunities have been crucial for City.
  3. Riyad Mahrez (the cross king): Mahrez’s right foot has worked wonders, producing 14 assists in UEFA competitions. His precise crosses and knack for creating danger from dead-ball situations have played a key role in City’s attacks in Europe.
  4. David Silva (still a close contender): The departed Spanish maestro is a close second with 12 assists in UEFA competitions.
  5. Phil Foden (rising star): The young Englishman is making a mark with 11 assists in UEFA competitions. His direct running, smart movement, and precise final ball make him a promising force for City’s European endeavors in the years to come.

These players form the list of the top 10 Manchester City players with the most assists in UEFA competitions, showcasing their prowess on the continental stage.

1Kevin De Bruyne2015–27
2Raheem Sterling2015–202219
3Riyad Mahrez2018–202314
4David Silva2010–202012
5Phil Foden2017–11
7Bernardo Silva2017–10
8İlkay Gündoğan2016–202310
9Sergio Agüero2011–20219
10João Cancelo2019–20238

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