The 5 Most Beautiful Women Soccer Players From Ireland 2024

Most Beautiful Women Soccer Players From Ireland 2024: Ireland played in their first World Cup in 2023 and have also been in other tournaments like the Algarve Cup, Istria Cup, Cyprus Cup, and Pinatar Cup. The team is managed by the Women’s Football Association of Ireland and is full of skilled and passionate players.

Ireland is a country with a lot of history and culture, and that’s reflected in their women’s soccer team. The players are talented and love the game.

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Most Beautiful Women Soccer Players From Ireland 2024

In this article, we’ll be talking about some of the most beautiful women soccer players from Ireland.

5. Sinead Farrelly

  • Date of Birth: 16 November 1989 (age 33 Years)
  • Height: 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
  • Position(s): Midfielder

Let’s begin our list of the “Most Beautiful Women Soccer Players From Ireland” with the fifth spot. We have Sinead Farrelly, a football player known for her stunning looks and amazing skills on the field. She’s great at controlling the midfield and leading her team to victory, making her one of the top female soccer players in Ireland.

Most Beautiful Women Soccer Players From Ireland 2023
Image Source: Instagram

Sinead Louise Farrelly plays as a midfielder for the NWSL team NJ/NY Gotham FC. Even though she was born and raised in the United States to an Irish father, she decided to represent the Republic of Ireland’s senior national team in 2023, after initially playing for the United States at the youth international level. She also played for the Boston Breakers in the National Women’s Soccer League. In 2011, she was a part of the Philadelphia Independence team in the WPS and was a member of the United States women’s national under-23 team. She was selected by the Philadelphia Independence as the No. 2 overall pick in the 2011 WPS Draft after her time at the University of Virginia.

Sinead Farrelly captivating eyes are especially stunning and have the power to hold your attention as they gaze at you. Before you know it, you’re lost in the enchanting gaze of Farrelly.

4. Heather Payne

  • Date of Birth: 26 January 2000 (age 23 Years)
  • Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
  • Position(s): Forward, Midfielder

At number 4 on our list of the most beautiful female soccer players from Ireland is Heather Payne. She’s not just a pretty face; she’s also an incredibly skilled player on the field, making her a favorite among fans and a sought-after athlete. Payne has the ability to stop the opposing team and create scoring opportunities for her own, making her a valuable asset to any team.

Image Source: Instagram

She played for three seasons with the Irish team Peamount United F.C. in the Irish Women’s National League before joining Bristol City in the English first division, the FA WSL, in August 2018. Later, in August 2019, she moved to the United States to play college soccer on a scholarship with the Florida State Seminoles. After four years in the American college system, Payne signed with England’s Women’s Super League club Everton on a 2-year deal in August 2023.

Heather Payne made her debut for the Ireland senior squad in August 2018, playing as a wing-back in a FIFA Women’s World Cup-qualifying match against Northern Ireland. She has a striking appearance that combines beauty with a hint of danger, and her patriotic look sets her apart as one of the most beautiful female soccer players in Ireland.

3. Grace Moloney

  • Date of Birth: 1 March 1993 (age 30 Years)
  • Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
  • Position(s): Goalkeeper

Taking the third spot among the most beautiful female soccer players from Ireland is Grace Moloney. Not only does she possess stunning beauty, but she also has remarkable scoring abilities and an infectious personality that has made her a favorite among fans. Moloney’s unwavering dedication to the sport and her ability to bring excitement to the game have established her as one of the best female soccer players in Ireland.

Image Source: Instagram

Grace Maria Moloney serves as a goalkeeper for the FA WSL club Reading. She joined the Republic of Ireland women’s national football team under 15’s when she was just 15 years old. Over the years, she played for the under 17s and under 19’s squads, as well as for the senior women’s national team. In April 2019, Moloney signed a new contract with Reading, solidifying her position as the team’s first-choice goalkeeper. She reached her 150th appearance for the club and celebrated her 200th appearance on March 6, 2022.

Moloney’s beauty shines through not just in her appearance but also in her personality. She has a perfect smile, with straight, white, and aligned teeth that light up her face. Her warm and inviting demeanor creates a pleasant atmosphere for those around her, making her not only beautiful physically but also in her character.

2. Kyra Carusa

  • Date of Birth: 14 November 1995 (age 27 Years)
  • Height: 1.75 m (5 ft 9 in)
  • Position(s): Striker

At the second spot on our list of the most beautiful women soccer players in Ireland is Kealia Watt. She’s not only stunning but also incredibly talented. Known for her powerful hitting, strength, and goal-scoring abilities, Watt is among the top female soccer players in Ireland.

Most Beautiful Women Soccer Players From Ireland
Image Source: Instagram

Kyra Taylor Carusa, also deserving to be in the second position, is a forward for the National Women’s Soccer League club San Diego Wave. In her late 27s, she brings a fresh and vibrant energy, making her captivating to fans.

Carusa has played for several clubs around the world, including French club Le Havre AC, Danish club HB Køge, English club London City Lionesses, and her hometown side San Diego Wave FC. She made her debut for the Republic of Ireland national team in February 2020 during the UEFA Women’s Euro 2021 qualifying, after acquiring Irish citizenship through her Irish grandparents.

In addition to her exceptional soccer skills, Kyra Carusa is also recognized as one of the hottest female athletes right now. Her long legs, toned body, and beautiful face have made her one of the most popular and attractive players in Ireland. She embodies the total package with her combination of good looks and incredible soccer abilities, making her a favorite among fans worldwide.

1. Abbie Larkin

  • Date of Birth: 27 April 2005 (age 18 Years)
  • Position(s): Forward

Abbie Larkin is currently considered the most beautiful female soccer player in Ireland. Apart from her stunning looks, she’s also one of the top footballers in Ireland as of 2023. Larkin possesses exceptional skills on the field, making her one of the top female soccer players in the country.

Most Beautiful Women Soccer Players From Ireland
Image Source: Instagram

Not only is she beautiful, but Abbie Larkin is also incredibly talented. Her skills on the field make her an exciting player to watch, and her beauty only adds to her appeal. Larkin serves as proof that women can be both beautiful and talented, serving as an inspiration to young girls everywhere.

Larkin earned her spot in the senior Republic of Ireland squad in February 2022, playing in the 2022 Pinatar Cup in Murcia. She made her debut in a match against Russia and later appeared as a substitute in a win over Wales. On June 27, 2022, she scored her first goal for Ireland in a World Cup qualification match against Georgia, impressing Coach Vera Pauw with her skills at the young age of 17.

Abbie Larkin isn’t just a remarkable footballer; she’s also a role model for women, showing them that they can achieve their dreams no matter how challenging they may seem. In addition to her talents on the field, she has become a beauty icon, appearing in magazines and modeling for famous brands.

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