Records of Most Goals Scored by a Single Player in a Match

Most Goals Scored by a Single Player in a Match: In this article, we discuss a special soccer record, the most goals scored by one player in a single game. In a soccer game back in 2014, a team Kongo United FC scored a whopping 31 goals in one match. They were playing against Balrog Botkyrka Sodertalje and won 30-0. In that particular game, Yanick Manzizila achieved an astonishing feat by scoring 21 goals. This is the highest number of goals ever scored by a single player in a game.

People often break this kind of record because soccer players always try to do their best and see how many goals they can score in one match. So, records like this one keep getting better and better. Now we talk about the Records of Most Goals Scored by a Single Player in a Match.

1. Yanick Manzizila

ScoreKongo United FC 30–0 Balrog Botkyrka Sodertalje

On August 11, 2014, Yanick Djouzi Manzizila made history by scoring an impressive 21 goals for Congo United in the ninth tier of Swedish football. This remarkable achievement broke the previous records held by Stefan Dembicki and Panagiotis Pontikos.

2. Stefan Dembicki

ScoreAuby Asturies 16 Stefan

Stefan Dembicki marked his name into football history during the 1942-43 season when he scored an amazing 16 goals in a preliminary round Cup match. Remarkably, he held this record until the year 2007.

3. Panagiotis Pontikos

ScoreOlympos Xylofagou 24–3 SEK Agiou Athanasiou

Panagiotis Pontikos matched Stefan Dembicki’s remarkable record by scoring 16 goals in a match during the 2006-07 Cypriot Third Division on May 7, 2007.

4. Malika-e-Noor (Women)

ScoreYoung Rising Stars 25–0 Margala

On September 17, 2011, in a women’s Pakistani Cup match, Malika-e-Noor, playing for Margala 14, indicated her exceptional talent by scoring an impressive 14 goals in a single game.

5. Archie Thompson

ScoreAustralia 31–0 American Samoa

Archie Thompson made history on April 11, 2001, during an international match as part of the 2002 FIFA World Cup qualification in the OFC. He scored a phenomenal 13 goals, setting a new record on the international stage.

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