Grand Slam Tournaments Record: Players with Highest Winning Percentage

Players with Highest Winning Percentage: The Grand Slam tournaments are the biggest and most important competitions in tennis. Winning one of them is like reaching the highest point in the sport. But not all tennis players are the same, and some have been way better than others in these tournaments. Now, we’re going to talk about the top 14 players who’ve been the best at winning most matches in those Grand Slam tournaments. These players didn’t just win a few times, but they did it a lot and almost all the time.

Players with Highest Winning Percentage

Here are the top 14 players with the Highest Winning Percentage in Grand Slam tournaments.

RankPlayerCountryMatch Record%
1Björn BorgCH141–1789.2
2Novak DjokovicSER361–4888.3
3Rafael NadalESP314–4388.0
4Roger FedererSW369–6086.0
5Pete SamprasUS203–3884.2
6Jimmy ConnorsUS233–4982.6
7Ivan LendlČesko222–4981.9
8John McEnroeUS167–3881.5
9Andre AgassiUS224–5380.9
10Boris BeckerGER163–4080.3
11Mats WilanderSE144–3779.6
12Stefan EdbergSE178–4779.1
13Arthur AsheUS106–2879.1
14Andy MurrayUK200–5578.4

Finals Record

RankPlayerCountryFinals Record%
1Rod LaverAUS5–183.3
2Pete SamprasUS14–477.8
3Rafael NadalESP22–873.3
4John NewcombeAUS5–271.4
5Björn BorgSE11–568.8
6Novak DjokovicSER24–1266.7
7Roger FedererSW20–1164.5
8John McEnroeUS7–463.6
9Mats WilanderSE7–463.6
10Boris BeckerGER6–460.0

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