The 10 Players With Most Assists in the History of Manchester City

Players With Most Assists in the History of Manchester City: Manchester City has experienced a remarkable rise in recent decades. Once a team contending in the Championship and struggling in the middle or lower ranks of the Premier League, they’ve swiftly transformed into a dominant force on the global football stage.

A significant portion of this transformation can be attributed to the substantial financial backing from the owners of the Sky Blue Club. Ever since the influx of petrodollars into the club, Manchester City has been steadily forging its path, investing significant sums to acquire world-class players and promising young talents.

Players With Most Assists in the History of Manchester City

In this article, we highlight the 10 players with the most assists in the history of Manchester City.

10. Samir Nasri

UEFA Champions League3264
Europa League4
Premier League18 12934
Community Shield121
FA Cup371
EFL Cup 2 8
TOTAL27 17640

Samir Nasri transferred to Manchester City from Arsenal in August 2011, with a transfer fee of £25 million.

He played a crucial role in City’s victory during the 2011-12 season when they secured the title. His performances earned him the PFA Young Player of the Year award.

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Throughout the subsequent seasons, Nasri maintained his position as a regular in the City squad. He contributed to the team’s victory in the Football League Cup during 2013-14 and the FA Community Shield in 2012.

In total, Nasri participated in 176 matches for Manchester City, scoring 27 goals, and assisting 40 times. His tenure with the club brought him two Premier League titles, one Football League Cup, and one FA Community Shield.

9. Leroy Sané

UEFA Champions League6 218
Premier League25 9032
Community Shield2
FA Cup5 123
EFL Cup3 103
TOTAL39 13546

Leroy Sané joined Manchester City from Schalke 04 in August 2016 for £37 million. He remained a regular part of the City team in the subsequent seasons. He contributed to the team’s success in winning Premier League titles, as well as the FA Cup and League Cup.

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However, Sané faced a setback in his City career due to a serious knee injury in August 2019. Unfortunately, he only managed to play in 2 matches during the 2019-20 season before being sidelined for the rest of the year.

Sané played in 135 matches for Manchester City, scoring 39 goals, and assisting 46 times. His time with the club earned him two Premier League titles, one FA Cup, and three League Cups.

8. Gabriel Jesus

UEFA Champions League20 385
Premier League58 15932
Community Shield2
FA Cup10208
EFL Cup7 171
TOTAL95 23646

Gabriel Jesus came to Manchester City from Palmeiras in 2017 for £27 million. He stayed a consistent presence in the City team in the seasons that followed. He contributed to the club’s victory in the Premier League four times, the FA Cup once, and the League Cup three times.

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Throughout his time, Jesus played 236 matches for Manchester City, scoring an impressive 95 goals and assisting 46 times.

Jesus is a versatile striker who can fill different roles on the front line. He’s recognized for his speed, skillful dribbling, and his ability to finish plays. Additionally, he’s a strong passer and can create opportunities for his teammates.

7. Yaya Touré

UEFA Champions League7 374
Europa League1 104
Premier League 59 23035
Community Shield1 3
FA Cup6204
EFL Cup5 142
TOTAL 79 31649

Yaya Touré, a former soccer player from Ivory Coast, got the nickname “Wembley hero” after scoring the winning goal against Manchester United in the semi-finals, and he repeated this feat in the FA Cup final against Stoke City.

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He came to Manchester in 2010 from FC Barcelona. Throughout his eight seasons with the ‘Skyblue’ team, he played in 316 matches, scoring 79 goals, and assisting in 49. He secured three Premier League titles, three Carabao Cups, one FA Cup, and one Community Shield.

He retired in 2019 and has transitioned to coaching at the Tottenham Academy.

6. Riyad Mahrez

UEFA Champions League16 4614
Premier League43 14537
Community Shield3
FA Cup11234
EFL Cup 8194

Riyad Mahrez came to Manchester City from Leicester City in July 2018, and the club paid £60 million for him. In the 2018-19 season, Mahrez played a big role in City winning the title. He scored 12 goals and assisted 16 times in all sorts of competitions. He even grabbed the Manchester City Player of the Month award 5 times during his time there.

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As the seasons went on, Mahrez remained an important part of the City team. He contributed to winning another Premier League title in 2020-21, plus the FA Cup and League Cup. He also played a crucial role in capturing the Champions League in 2022-23.

Throughout his time at City, Mahrez played 236 matches, scoring 78 goals, and helping with 59 assists. His collection includes four Premier League titles, three FA Cups, three League Cups, and the Champions League.

Fans really like Mahrez, and it’s easy to see why – he’s regarded as one of the best wingers in the world. However, in July 2023, he left Manchester City and moved to Al-Ahli in Saudi Arabia, for a transfer fee of £30 million.

5. Bernardo Silva

UEFA Champions League12 6111
Premier League33 20036
Community Shield51
FA Cup8226
EFL Cup2 195
TOTAL55 30759

In 2017, Bernardo Silva joined Manchester City from Monaco for £43.5 million. Ever since he came to City, Silva has been an important part of the team. He’s been a part of winning five Premier League titles, two FA Cups, a UEFA Champions League trophy, and four League Cups. In 2019, he was even named Manchester City’s Player of the Year.

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Not only is he great at scoring goals, with over 50 to his name, but he’s also contributed 59 assists in all kinds of competitions for City.

Fans love Silva, and it’s no surprise why. He’s considered one of the top midfielders in the world. In the 2022-23 season, he played a key role in helping City win the Premier League for the fifth time in six seasons.

Silva is going anywhere soon – his contract with City goes until 30 June 2025.

4. Sergio Aguero

UEFA Champions League36 648
Europa League 4 42
UEFA Champions League Qualifying 3 1
Premier League 18427555
Community Shield 22
FA Cup 20225
EFL Cup 11 222
TOTAL260 39073

Among the legends, ‘Kun’ Agüero shines as the greatest player in Manchester City’s history. The Argentine striker joined from Atlético de Madrid in 2011 and instantly became a historic figure.

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What stands out is that he ended the club’s 44-year title drought. In a match against Queens Park Rangers, during the 94th minute of the five minutes added, Agüero took a shot with his right foot that found the net. This secured Manchester City’s third League title and their first in the Premier League era.

Throughout his ten years with the team, Agüero played 390 games, scored an incredible 260 goals, and provided 73 assists. He holds the record for the most goals scored for the team.

His collection includes 15 titles: five Premier League trophies, six League Cups, three Community Shields, and one FA Cup.

3. Raheem Sterling

UEFA Champions League246720
UEFA Champions League Qualifying12
Premier League91 22556
Community Shield11
FA Cup9 238
EFL Cup6 229
TOTAL131 33995

A real treasure in English soccer, Sterling joined the team in the summer of 2015 after playing for Liverpool.

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In the 339 games he started, he scored 131 goals and provided 95 assists. He had a hand in winning four Premier League titles, five League Cups, one FA Cup, and two Community Shields.

After seven years, he left the club in 2022 and now he’s part of Chelsea. When he left, he was the second-highest scorer for the ‘citizens’ in the Premier League and European competitions.

2. David Silva

UEFA Champions League8 5514
UEFA Champions League Qualifying1 1
Premier League60 309106
Community Shield42
FA Cup5 3413
EFL Cup1 193
TOTAL77 436140

He’s also known as “El Mago,” which means “The Magician.” He joined Manchester City in 2010, just a few weeks after helping Spain win the World Cup.

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During his ten years at the English club, he played 436 matches, scored 77 goals, and made 140 assists. He achieved a lot, winning four Premier League titles, two FA Cups, five League Cups, and three Community Shields.

He held the record for the most appearances in the team’s history (436 games). But in 2020, his time with the club came to an end. Now, he’s playing in La Liga Santander for Real Sociedad.

1. Kevin De Bruyne

UEFA Champions League14 6325
UEFA Champions League Qualifying11
Premier League 64 239104
Community Shield31
FA Cup 8 2513
EFL Cup10 269
TOTAL 96 357153

Fans lovingly nicknamed him “The Prince.” Kevin De Bruyne joined Manchester City in the summer of 2015 from Wolfsburg. But before that, he had a stint at Chelsea in the Premier League, which didn’t go so well.

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At City, he became a crucial part of the team’s attack. What made him special was his skill in quickly organizing and directing the game, as well as scoring goals. His contributions played a huge role in helping the club secure their first Champions League title.

Kevin De Bruyne still proudly wears the Manchester City jersey. He’s played 357 matches for the team, making 153 assists and scoring 96 goals. During his time, he helped Manchester City win 5 Premier League titles, 5 League Cups, 2 FA Cups, a Community Shield, and a Champions League trophy.

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