Players With Most Consecutive Hat-Tricks in History

Players With Most Consecutive Hat-Tricks in History: Three football players, Josef Bican, Stjepan Lucijanic, and Ahmed Rizwan, share the record for the most hat-tricks in a row. Josef Bican is the most famous among them and is considered one of the greatest footballers ever. Lucijanic and Rizwan also did something amazing, even though they played in lower-level teams.

Players With Most Consecutive Hat-Tricks in History

Scoring 5 hat-tricks in a row is an incredible achievement, and it’s unlikely anyone will do it again soon. These three players are true football legends, and their records will stay unbeaten for a long time.

1. Josef Bican

Consecutive Hat-Tricks 5

Many people think Josef Bican is one of the best football players ever. He officially scored 805 goals in his career, which is a Guinness World Record. However, some say he actually scored more than 1,400 goals!

Josef Bican scored 5 hat-tricks in a row, which means he scored 3 goals in each of 5 games. In total, he scored 19 goals during this incredible run in the Bohemia and Moravia league. He did this between November 17, 1939, and March 19, 1940.

2. Stjepan Lucijanić

Consecutive Hat-Tricks5

Stjepan Lucijanic is a Croatian footballer who plays for a team NK Dracice Dakovo in the seventh division of Croatian football. On November 6, 2016, he did something incredible. He scored his fifth hat trick in a row during NK Dračice Dakovo’s huge 10-0 victory over NK Zrinski Drenje. This achievement equaled Josef Bican’s record from way back in 1940. In those 5 games, Lucijanic scored a total of 20 goals!

Lucijanic is a striker, which means he’s really good at scoring goals. He’s known for his ability to put the ball in the net. He’s a strong and athletic player who’s skilled at finishing scoring chances. Plus, he’s great at heading the ball, too.

3. Ahmed Rizwan

Consecutive Hat-Tricks 5

Ahmed Rizwan is from the Maldives. He plays for Club Eagles in the Dhiraagu Dhivehi Premier League. In 2018, he did something really impressive. He scored 5 hat-tricks in 5 games, which means he got 3 goals in each of these 5 games. In total, he scored 16 goals during these matches. And in one of those games, he even scored 4 goals by himself!

Not only did he match the record for consecutive hat-tricks held by Josef Bican and Stjepan Lucijanic, but he also has another record. He scored the most goals in a single season of the Dhiraagu Dhivehi Premier League. In the 2018-19 season, he scored an amazing 36 goals, breaking the old record of 35 goals set by Ibrahim Fazeel in the 2014-15 season. Rizwan is a very talented footballer, and people think he could play at even higher levels in the future.

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