Real Madrid Top 10 Scorers of All-time

Real Madrid Top 10 Scorers of All-time: Since 1902, Real Madrid has been an amazing football club, known for its impressive gameplay, numerous trophies, and famous players. Some of these players have become legends by scoring a lot of goals.

Today, let’s take a closer look at the top 10 goal-scorers in the history of Real Madrid. We won’t just focus on numbers; we’ll explore the stories, skills, and special contributions of each player who played a part in the club’s powerful attacking history.

Real Madrid Top 10 Scorers of All-time

Here are Real Madrid’s Top 10 Scorers of all time.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Country: Portugal
  • Years: 2009–2018
CompetitionGoals (Matches)
League311 (292)
Cup 22 (30)
Europe105 (101)
Other12 (15)
TOTAL450 (438)

Cristiano Ronaldo is Real Madrid’s all-time leading scorer. He began his football career at Sporting Lisbon before joining Manchester United at the age of 18. In 2009, he made a record-breaking transfer to Real Madrid, where he became their top scorer in 2015 and secured four more Champions League titles.

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Ronaldo’s remarkable career includes many awards, such as being the record holder for most appearances and goals in the Champions League. He has won the Golden Shoe four times as Europe’s best goalscorer and was part of the Ballon d’Or Dream Team in 2020.

2. Karim Benzema

  • Country: France
  • Years: 2009–2023
CompetitionGoals (Matches)
League238 (439)
Cup 25 (49)
Europe78 (133)
Other13 (27)
TOTAL354 (648)

Karim Benzema holds the second position among Real Madrid’s top scorers. He has been playing for Ittihad FC in the Saudi Professional League since 2023.

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Benzema also enjoyed a successful stint with Real Madrid, winning the Spanish championship four times and clinching the UEFA Champions League five times.

Benzema’s achievements include being named France’s Footballer of the Year four times and Spain’s Footballer of the Year once. In 2022, he received the prestigious UEFA Player of the Year and the France Football’s Ballon d’Or as the World Footballer of the Year.

Benzema also Represented the French national team from 2007 to 2022 played 97 matches and scored 37 goals. He faced suspension from 2015 to 2021 but made a return to international competition. With the French team, he participated in one World Championship in 2014 and three European Championships in 2008, 2012, and 2021. His notable achievement with the national team was winning the 2021 UEFA Nations League.

3. Raúl

  • Country: Spain
  • Years: 1994–2010
CompetitionGoals (Matches)
League228 (550)
Cup 18 (37)
Europe66 (132)
Other11 (22)
TOTAL323 (741)

Raúl is the third-highest scorer in Real Madrid’s history. He currently manages Real Madrid Castilla, the club’s reserve team. Over his remarkable 16-year career with Real Madrid, He became the club’s third all-time leading scorer with 323 goals and also holds the record for the most appearances in the club’s history, with 741 appearances.

Real Madrid Top 10 Scorers of All-time
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He won numerous titles with Los Blancos, including six La Liga titles, three UEFA Champions League titles, four Supercopa de España titles, one UEFA Super Cup, and two Intercontinental Cups. Raúl served as the team captain from 2003 to 2010.

Beyond his club success, Raúl is the sixth-highest scorer in La Liga history with 228 goals and holds the record for the highest-scoring Spaniard in European leagues, with 256 goals. While playing for the Spain national team, Raúl scored 44 goals in 102 appearances, captaining the side from 2002 to 2006.

He received numerous awards, including being named the top international goalscorer by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics in 1999 and earning recognition in various awards such as the FIFA 100 list and UEFA’s list of the 50-best European players.

4. Alfredo Di Stéfano

  • Country: Argentina, Colombia, Spain
  • Years: 1953–1964
CompetitionGoals (Matches)
League216 (282)
Cup 40 (50)
Europe49 (58)
Other3 (6)
TOTAL308 (396)

Alfredo Di Stéfano holds the fourth position among Real Madrid’s top scorers and served as the honorary president of the club from 2000 until his passing. Before joining Real Madrid, Di Stéfano achieved success in Argentina with River Plate, winning the Argentine championship twice. He also led CD Los Millionarios to four Colombian championships and one Colombian Cup.

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Di Stéfano’s most significant contributions came during his tenure with Real Madrid, where he won eight Spanish championships, one Spanish Cup, five consecutive European Cups, two Coupe Latine titles, and one World Club Cup.

Di Stéfano’s achievements include two Ballon d’Or awards and being the only player to receive the Súper Ballón d’Or in 1989 as Europe’s football player of the last three decades. He is recognized as one of Pelé’s FIFA 100 and was the UEFA Honorary President.

5. Santillana

  • Country: Spain
  • Years: 1971–1988
CompetitionGoals (Matches)
League186 (461)
Cup 49 (84)
Europe47 (87)
Other8 (13)
TOTAL290 (645)

Santillana holds the fifth position among Real Madrid’s top scorers, making a significant impact during his 17-season spell with the club. He played a total of 645 competitive matches for Real Madrid and scored an impressive 290 goals.

Real Madrid Top 10 Scorers of All-time

Santillana joined Real Madrid in 1971, making the switch from Racing de Santander. Throughout his career, Santillana earned more than 50 caps for the Spanish national team. He proudly represented Spain in two FIFA World Cups and two UEFA European Championships, showcasing his talent on the international stage.

His contribution to Real Madrid and his consistent goal-scoring ability have solidified his place among the club’s all-time top scorers.

6. Ferenc Puskás

  • Country: Hungary, Spain
  • Years: 1958–1966
CompetitionGoals (Matches)
League156 (180)
Cup 49 (41)
Europe35 (39)
Other2 (2)
TOTAL242 (262)

Ferenc Puskás, ranked 6th among Real Madrid’s top scorers, had several nicknames, including Puskás Öcsi, The Major, Sváb, Pancho, and Cañoncito Pum. He captained the Hungarian national football team from 1950 to 1954, leading them to notable victories, such as the 6-3 victory against England in 1953. Despite being favorites, Hungary lost to Germany in the 1954 World Cup final in what became known as the Miracle of Bern.

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After the Hungarian uprising in 1956, Puskás emigrated and, following a FIFA ban, joined Real Madrid in 1958. With the team, he won the European Cup three times and secured multiple Spanish championships. He also played for the Spanish national team in the 1962 World Cup after gaining Spanish citizenship. Puskás retired from playing at 39 and transitioned to coaching.

Puskás popularized the shirt number 10, typically worn by a team’s playmaker. The IFFHS honored him as the best goalscorer of the 20th century, and he was included in the FIFA 100 best list in 2004. The FIFA Puskás Prize, introduced in 2009, annually recognizes the best goal of the season in his honor.

7. Hugo Sánchez

  • Country: Mexico
  • Years: 1985–1992
CompetitionGoals (Matches)
League164 (207)
Cup 19 (32)
Europe23 (39)
Other2 (4)
TOTAL208 (282)

Hugo Sánchez, ranked 7th among Real Madrid’s top scorers, is widely considered the greatest Mexican footballer ever. Known for his spectacular goals and volleys, he earned awards such as being named the best player in the CONCACAF region and making the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players.

Real Madrid Top 10 Scorers of All-time
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Sánchez played a significant role in Real Madrid’s success, scoring a total of 562 goals in 956 matches for both club and country.

He represented Mexico from 1977 to 1994, earning 58 caps and scoring 29 goals, notably contributing to Mexico’s 1986 World Cup quarter-final appearance. Sánchez is famous for his acrobatic goal celebrations and for introducing the backflip into football.

8. Paco Gento

  • Country: Spain
  • Years: 1952–1970
CompetitionGoals (Matches)
League126 (428)
Cup 22 (74)
Europe30 (95)
Other4 (4)
TOTAL182 (601)

Paco Gento, ranked 8th among Real Madrid’s top scorers, played a pivotal role as a left winger during the club’s dominant period in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

Real Madrid Top 10 Scorers of All-time

Renowned for his exceptional speed, Gento left an indelible mark on Real Madrid’s success. His significant achievement is being the sole record winner of the UEFA Champions League (formerly the European Cup) since 1966. Gento secured the prestigious title six times with Real Madrid, showcasing his prowess and contributing to the club’s remarkable legacy.

In recognition of his lasting impact, Gento was appointed honorary president of Real Madrid, the Spanish record champions, in 2016.

9. Pirri

  • Country: Spain
  • Years: 1964–1979
CompetitionGoals (Matches)
League123 (417)
Cup 25 (67)
Europe23 (75)
Other1 (2)
TOTAL172 (561)

Pirri, ranked 9th among Real Madrid’s top scorers, is a retired Spanish footballer known for his versatility on the field. Initially a central midfielder, he later played as a sweeper towards the end of his career.

Real Madrid Top 10 Scorers of All-time

Pirri dedicated the majority of his playing years to Real Madrid, participating in 561 competitive matches and scoring 172 goals. His time with the club was marked by success, contributing to the winning of 15 titles, and he held the prestigious role of team captain.

Pirri also had a notable international career, representing Spain for 12 years and participating in two World Cups. His enduring contributions both for Real Madrid and the Spanish national team solidify his place among the football greats.

10. Emilio Butragueño

  • Country: Spain
  • Years: 1983–1995
CompetitionGoals (Matches)
League123 (341)
Cup 16 (39)
Europe27 (75)
Other5 (8)
TOTAL171 (463)

Emilio Butragueño, ranked 10th among Real Madrid’s top scorers, is renowned for his notable career with the club. His impact was particularly felt during his 12-season spell with Real Madrid, where he scored 123 La Liga goals in 341 games. His impressive goal-scoring record contributed significantly to the success of the team.

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Beyond his club achievements, Butragueño represented the Spain national team in two World Cups and two European Championships. In the 1986 World Cup, he emerged as the second-highest scorer, showcasing his skill on the international stage.

Throughout his international career, Butragueño scored 26 goals for Spain, a record that stood for several years. His legacy as a skilled striker for both Real Madrid and the Spanish national team solidifies his place among the club’s top scorers.

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