Salaries of NBA Player 2023/24

The average salary for NBA players in the 2023-24 season is expected to be about $8.9 million, which is a bit higher than the $8.2 million average in the previous season (2022-23). The player earning the most in the NBA is Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors, and he’s set to make $51,915,615 in the 2023-24 season.

Several factors determine a player’s salary, including how long they’ve been playing, how well they’ve performed in the past, and how popular they are. Generally, players with more experience and a good track record get paid more. Additionally, players who are popular with fans or have endorsement deals can also earn higher salaries.

Each NBA team has a limit on how much they can spend on player salaries, and for the 2023-24 season, this limit is set at $134 million. This is called the salary cap. If a team goes over this limit, they may have to pay luxury taxes.

Salaries of NBA Player 2023/24

Here is a table showing the salaries of 50 NBA players for the 2023/24 season:

1Stephen Curry$51,915,615
2Kevin Durant$47,649,433
3Nikola Jokic$47,607,350
4LeBron James$47,607,350
5Joel Embiid$47,607,350
6Bradley Beal$46,741,590
7Paul George$45,640,084
8Kawhi Leonard$45,640,084
9Giannis Antetokounmpo$45,640,084
10Damian Lillard$45,640,084
11Jimmy Butler$45,183,960
12Klay Thompson$43,219,440
13Rudy Gobert$41,000,000
14Fred VanVleet$40,806,300
15Anthony Davis$40,600,080
16Trae Young$40,064,220
17Zach LaVine$40,064,220
18Luka Doncic$40,064,220
19Tobias Harris$39,270,150
20Ben Simmons$37,893,408
21Pascal Siakam$37,893,408
22Kyrie Irving$37,037,037
23Jrue Holiday$36,861,707
24Karl-Anthony Towns$36,016,200
25Devin Booker$36,016,200
26Kristaps Porzingis$36,016,200
27CJ McCollum$35,802,469
28James Harden$35,640,000
29Darius Garland$34,005,250
30Ja Morant$34,005,250
31Zion Williamson$34,005,250
32Jamal Murray$33,833,400
33Brandon Ingram$33,833,400
34Michael Porter$33,386,850
35Shai Gilgeous-Alexander$33,386,850
36Donovan Mitchell$33,162,030
37Jayson Tatum$32,600,060
38Bam Adebayo$32,600,060
39De’Aaron Fox$32,600,060
40Deandre Ayton$32,459,438
41Jaylen Brown$31,830,357
42Gordon Hayward$31,500,000
43Chris Paul$30,800,000
44Domantas Sabonis$30,600,000
45Kyle Lowry$29,682,540
46Khris Middleton$29,320,988
47DeMar DeRozan$28,600,000
48Julius Randle$28,226,880
49Jordan Poole$27,955,357
50Jerami Grant$27,586,207

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