Sergio Ramos Vs Virgil Van Dijk – Assists, Titles, And Individual Awards, Who is the Best Defender?

Sergio Ramos Vs Virgil Van Dijk: Comparing Sergio Ramos and Virgil van Dijk is like comparing two top players in the same game.

Sergio Ramos is known for his aggressive style. He’s tough, powerful, and dominates in the air. Leading his team comes naturally to him, and he’s a pro at tackling opponents. Plus, he’s a scoring threat, especially from set pieces. But sometimes, he can be a bit reckless and get caught out of position, leading to mistakes. Also, injuries have been a concern for him.

On the other hand, Virgil van Dijk brings a calm and composed presence to the field. He reads the game exceptionally well, dominates in aerial duels, and his passing and dribbling skills are top-notch. However, he might lack pace over short distances, and he doesn’t Defend as frequently as Ramos does.

When considering other factors, Ramos is older at 37, while van Dijk is 32, suggesting van Dijk might have more playing years ahead. Their playing styles differ significantly, with Ramos being more aggressive and van Dijk favoring a composed approach.

In terms of team success, Ramos boasts more trophies, but van Dijk has been instrumental in Liverpool’s recent triumphs, showcasing his importance in achieving collective goals.

In this article, we compare Sergio Ramos and Virgil Van Dijk in terms of assists, titles, and individual awards to figure out who’s the better defender.

Sergio Ramos Vs Virgil Van Dijk All-Time Stats

Sergio Ramos has scored 138 goals across all competitions and won 29 major trophies, including 4 Champions League titles and 5 La Liga titles. Virgil van Dijk has netted 58 goals and secured 9 major trophies, including 1 Champions League title and 1 Premier League title.

StatRamosVan Dijk
Total Appearances983576
Total Goals13858
Total Assists5026
Champions League Goals172
International Goals237
Total Hat-tricks
Ballon d’Or Awards
Golden Shoe Awards
Champions League Titles41
International Titles3

Sergio Ramos Vs Virgil Van Dijk Stats 2023/24 Season

In the ongoing 2023/24 season, Virgil van Dijk has made 29 appearances, while Sergio Ramos has played in 24 matches. Ramos has scored 5 goals, whereas Van Dijk has netted 3. Additionally, both players have provided 1 and 2 assists respectively, showcasing their contributions to their teams’ performances this season.

StatRamosVan Dijk
Penalty Goals2
Minutes Per Goal426′821′
Minutes Played2.131′2.463′

Sergio Ramos Vs Virgil Van Dijk Stats At Club Level

Comparing Sergio Ramos and Virgil van Dijk’s club stats directly isn’t straightforward due to differences in leagues and career stages. However, some interesting insights emerge. Ramos, with nearly double the appearances (803 vs. 516), has significantly more goals (115 vs. 26) and assists (42 vs. 26). However, van Dijk, arguably at his peak, has a higher percentage of aerial duels won (71% vs. 65%). Clean sheets comparison is tricky due to league variations, but Ramos leads in this aspect (294 vs. 140).

StatRamosVan Dijk
Appearances803 516
Penalty Goals24
Minutes Per Goal602′871′
Minutes Played69.287′45.311′

Sergio Ramos Vs Virgil Van Dijk Stats At the National Level

When comparing Sergio Ramos and Virgil van Dijk on the international stage, we see distinct differences in their contributions to their national teams.

Sergio Ramos boasts an impressive 180 appearances for his national team, during which he has scored 23 goals. This highlights his significant presence and impact as a key player for his country.

In contrast, Virgil van Dijk has accumulated 64 appearances for his national team, with 7 goals to his name. While his appearance count is lower than Ramos’, his goal-scoring record still underscores his importance and effectiveness in defense and occasional attacking contributions for his national side.

StatRamosVan Dijk
Penalty Goals81
Minutes Per Goal596′ 807′
Minutes Played13.716′ 5.647′

Face-To-Face Clashes Between Sergio Ramos and Virgil Van Dijk

In a memorable showdown, Sergio Ramos’ Real Madrid clashed with Virgil van Dijk’s Liverpool. Despite Real Madrid’s eventual triumph with a 3-1 victory, both defenders showcased their leadership and defensive prowess on the field.

Van Dijk assumed a commanding role in organizing Liverpool’s defense, demonstrating his ability to marshal his teammates effectively. Meanwhile, Ramos’ aggressive style of play occasionally resulted in challenges on Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah, sparking controversy during the match.

Despite the competitive intensity and contrasting playing styles, the encounter highlighted the defensive skills and influence of both Sergio Ramos and Virgil van Dijk, contributing to a memorable spectacle for football fans worldwide.

CompetitionMatchesResultRamos GoalsVan Dijk Goals
UEFA Champions League 17/18Real Madrid Vs Liverpool3:1
TOTAL1 Game3:1

Sergio Ramos Vs Virgil Van Dijk Titles

Sergio Ramos and Virgil van Dijk are renowned footballers with remarkable trophy cabinets. Sergio Ramos has amassed an impressive total of 29 trophies throughout his illustrious career, while Virgil van Dijk has secured 9 trophies.

CompetitionRamosVan Dijk
La Liga5
Copa del Rey2
Supercopa de España4
UEFA Champions League4
UEFA Super Cup31
FIFA Club World Cup41
Ligue 12
Trophée des Champions1
UEFA European Under-19 Championship1
FIFA World Cup1
UEFA European Championship2
Scottish Premiership2
Scottish League Cup1
Premier League1
FA Cup1
EFL Cup1
FA Community Shield1

Sergio Ramos Vs Virgil Van Dijk Individual Awards

AwardsRamosVan Dijk
The Best FIFA Men’s Player
Ballon d’Or
European Golden Shoe
UEFA Best Player in Europe
Top Goalscorer
TM-Player of the season
Olympic Medalist
Footballer of the Year
FIFA World Cup Golden Ball
Pichichi Trophy

Sergio Ramos Vs Virgil Van Dijk Penalty Goals

Sergio Ramos and Virgil van Dijk usually play as defenders in soccer. Normally, other players on their teams take penalty kicks, not them. Ramos has scored 32 penalty goals, while Van Dijk has only scored 1.

RamosVan Dijk

Sergio Ramos Vs Virgil Van Dijk Free Kick Goals

Sergio Ramos and Virgil van Dijk are good at defending, but they have different skills when it comes to taking free kicks. Ramos has scored 3 goals from free kicks, while Van Dijk has scored 4.

RamosVan Dijk

Sergio Ramos Vs Virgil Van Dijk Hat Tricks

RamosVan Dijk


Who’s The Best At Dribbling? Sergio Ramos or Virgil Van Dijk

“Not very good at offense, mostly just focus on defending.”

Who’s The Best At Heading? Sergio Ramos or Virgil Van Dijk

Both players are good at jumping high to get the ball, and they have cool stats and videos showing it.

Who’s The Best At Passing? Sergio Ramos or Virgil Van Dijk

Both Ramos and van Dijk are great at passing, but they’re good in different ways. Van Dijk is really safe and almost always completes his passes well. Ramos, on the other hand, is more creative and can make long passes accurately.

Who Is Better? Sergio Ramos or Virgil Van Dijk

Both Ramos and van Dijk are top defenders who have won lots of trophies with their clubs and national teams. Ramos is really good overall, especially in the air and scoring goals, which makes him stand out. But some people think van Dijk is even better because he’s super consistent and calm, which is crucial for a defender. In our view, Sergio Ramos is the best defender in the world.
WINNER: Sergio Ramos

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