The 10 Top Goal Scorers For Belgium Football Team All-Time

Top Goal Scorers For Belgium Football Team All-Time: Belgium is a country known for its strong soccer team, even though they haven’t won a big championship yet. They didn’t qualify for the World Cups in 2006 and 2010, but they improved and reached the quarter-finals in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. This happened because they made changes to their team and had a new generation of talented players.

Now, Belgium is becoming better in soccer and is considered one of the top teams. They’ve worked hard to improve their national team, and this has led to better results in international tournaments.

Top Goal Scorers For Belgium Football Team All-Time

Now, let’s talk about the top 10 goal scorers for the Belgium soccer team of all time.

1. Romelu Lukaku

  • Career Span: 2010–
  • Matches: 108
  • Goals: 75
  • Average: 0.69

Romelu Lukaku is the top goal scorer for the Belgium national soccer team. He scored 75 goals in 108 matches. He played his first international match on March 3, 2010, against Croatia. Lukaku scored his first two goals in a match against Russia on November 17, 2010. However, a match where he scored three goals against Luxembourg on May 26, 2014, was not officially recognized.

In the 2014 World Cup, Lukaku scored his first World Cup goal against the USA in the round of 16, but Belgium lost to Argentina in the quarterfinals. He also played in the 2016 European Championships, scoring two goals in a match against Ireland, but Belgium lost in the quarterfinals to Wales.

In the 2018 World Cup, Lukaku scored two goals in each of the first two group games against Panama and Tunisia. He was also part of the Belgian squad in the 2021 European Championships, where he scored 4 goals, but Belgium lost in the quarterfinals to Italy. Lukaku was voted into the tournament’s team of the tournament.

In the 2022 World Cup, Lukaku played in the group stage match against Croatia but couldn’t score, and Belgium was eliminated from the tournament after the group stage.

2. Eden Hazard

  • Career Span: 2008–2022
  • Matches: 126
  • Goals: 33
  • Average: 0.26

Eden Hazard is a famous soccer player from Belgium who used to play for Chelsea and Real Madrid. He’s really fast and skilled, especially at dribbling past defenders. He can use both feet well, making him a great scorer and passer.

He started his career at Lille in France, where he played for 5 seasons and won the championship in 2011. Then he moved to Chelsea and became a key player there. He helped Chelsea win the Premier League twice, an FA Cup, and the Europa League twice. In 2019, he joined Real Madrid and won more titles with them.

Hazard is a star in the Belgian national team. He has scored 33 goals in 126 matches, making him the team’s 2nd highest scorer and 4th most-capped player. He played in the 2014 World Cup and Euro 2016, reaching the quarter-finals in both. But his best performance was in the 2018 World Cup where Belgium got 3rd place, and he was voted the 2nd best player of the tournament. Because of his great skills and achievements, some people think he might be the best Belgian player ever.

3. Bernard Voorhoof

  • Career Span: 1928–1940
  • Matches: 61
  • Goals: 30
  • Average: 0.49

Bernard Voorhoof is the third-highest goal scorer for the Belgium national soccer team. He was born on May 10, 1910, in Lier, Antwerp Province, and passed away on February 18, 1974, in the same place. Voorhoof played as a striker.

He played in the first three World Cups and was Belgium’s top scorer with 30 goals in 68 international matches until November 14, 2017 (when Romelu Lukaku scored his 31st goal for the national team).

In the Belgian league, Voorhoof scored 281 goals in 473 games between 1927 and 1948.

4. Paul Van Himst

  • Career Span: 1960–1974
  • Matches: 81
  • Goals: 30
  • Average: 0.37

Paul Van Himst is a legendary Belgian soccer player, especially known for his time at RSC Anderlecht. He played as an attacking midfielder and was incredible at dribbling past defenders. What made him outstanding was his ability to both create goals and score them, making him very unpredictable on the field. Many consider him one of the best Belgian players ever.

He started his soccer journey at the age of 9 with Anderlecht and stayed with the club for most of his career, which lasted 16 seasons. During this time, Anderlecht became Belgian champions 8 times and won the national cup 4 times. Despite his skills, he couldn’t lead his team to victory in the Champions League.

Van Himst also made a mark on the international stage, scoring 30 goals in 81 matches for Belgium. He played in the 1970 World Cup and Euro 1972, where Belgium reached the semi-finals but lost to West Germany. In recognition of his talent, he was voted the best Belgian player of the century in 1995 and finished 5th in the Ballon d’Or in 1964, then 4th in 1965.

5. Marc Wilmots

  • Career Span: 1990–2002
  • Matches: 70
  • Goals: 28
  • Average: 0.4

Marc Wilmots is the 5th highest goal scorer for the Belgium national soccer team of all time. He made his debut in May 1990. In the 1990 World Cup, he was in the squad but didn’t play. In the 1994 World Cup, Belgium reached the round of 16, but Wilmots didn’t score. However, in the 1998 World Cup, he scored two goals even though Belgium was eliminated in the preliminary round.

In the 2000 European Championships, which Belgium co-hosted, they were eliminated in the preliminary round. In the 2002 World Cup, Wilmots scored three goals, but Belgium was knocked out in the round of 16, and one of his goals against Brazil wasn’t recognized.

After the 2002 World Cup, Wilmots retired from international soccer.

6. Michy Batshuayi

  • Career Span: 2015–
  • Matches: 51
  • Goals: 27
  • Average: 0.53

Michy Batshuayi is the 6th highest goal scorer for the Belgium national soccer team. He made his debut on March 28, 2015, scoring his first international goal against Cyprus. He had to wait seven months for his next appearance but scored again in a friendly against Italy.

He played in the 2016 European Championships, scoring in a 4-0 win against Hungary in the round of 16. Belgium was eliminated in the quarter-finals by Wales. In the 2018 World Cup, he scored his first World Cup goal against Tunisia, helping Belgium win 5-2 and secure third place.

Batshuayi was a key goal scorer in the qualification for the 2021 European Football Championship. He also played in the 2020/21 UEFA Nations League, scoring two goals in the group phase. Belgium made it to the final round as group winners but finished fourth in the tournament. He was part of the Belgian squad for the 2021 European Football Championship and played in a tournament game.

7. Joseph Mermans

  • Career Span: 1945–1956
  • Matches: 56
  • Goals: 27
  • Average: 0.48

Joseph Mermans, commonly known as Jef Mermans and nicknamed “The Bomber,” was a famous soccer striker. He was born on February 16, 1922, in Merksem and passed away on January 20, 1996, in Wildert. Mermans spent much of his career playing for Anderlecht, where he achieved significant success. He won seven Belgian Championship titles and became the top scorer of the competition three times.

During his time in the first division, Mermans played 399 games and scored an impressive 367 goals, making him Anderlecht’s all-time leading goal scorer.

Additionally, he represented the Belgium national football team in 56 matches, including 2 games in the 1954 FIFA World Cup. With 27 goals, he ranks as the 7th highest goal scorer in the history of the Belgium national team.

8. Robert De Veen

  • Career Span: 1906–1913
  • Matches: 23
  • Goals: 26
  • Average: 1.13

Robert De Veen holds the 8th position among the top goal scorers for the Belgium national soccer team. His impressive journey began during the 1905/06 season when he showcased his striking abilities. De Veen made his debut for the Belgian national team on April 22, 1906, in a match against France, where he scored two goals in a 5-0 victory. Just a week later, he netted three goals in another 5-0 win against the Netherlands in Antwerp.

During his seven years and nine days with the national team, he played against neighboring countries like France (7 games) and the Netherlands (9 games). He also faced amateur teams from England and played matches against Germany, Switzerland, and Italy.

De Veen scored a total of 26 goals for Belgium, with half of them coming against France. He broke the previous record held by Pierre Destrebecq after just his second international match, where he had already scored five goals. He remained Belgium’s top goal scorer for over 32 years until May 8, 1938, when Bernard Voorhoof surpassed his record with a total of 30 goals in 61 international matches.

9. Ray Braine

  • Career Span: 1925–1939
  • Matches: 54
  • Goals: 26
  • Average: 0.48

Raymond Braine, ranking 9th among Belgium’s top goal scorers, began his football journey at Antwerp club Beerschot VAC. Remarkably, he made his league debut at just 15 years old in 1923. Braine’s talent quickly earned him a spot on the Belgian national team. He played a significant role in Beerschot’s national championship wins in 1924, 1925, 1926, and 1928.

Belgian football was amateur during his time, and he faced challenges when attempting to play abroad due to regulations. Despite successful tests in London, he was unable to secure a work permit in England. Eventually, in 1930, he joined the Czech club Sparta Prague, where he became a key player. Braine’s skills helped Sparta secure titles in 1932 and 1936, including a Mitropa Cup win in 1935.

Braine played 54 international matches for Belgium from 1924 to 1939, scoring 26 goals. He participated in significant events like the 1928 Summer Olympics and the 1938 World Championships. Despite offers to gain Czechoslovakian citizenship, he remained loyal to Belgium throughout his international career.

10. Kevin De Bruyne

  • Career Span: 2010–
  • Matches: 99
  • Goals: 26
  • Average: 0.26

Kevin De Bruyne is a skilled Belgian midfielder currently playing for Manchester City. He is a versatile player, capable of performing well in various positions, whether in the center or on the wings. De Bruyne possesses excellent game vision, precise passing, and powerful shooting abilities, making him a threat in any situation on the field.

He started his career with KRC Genk, where he won a Belgian championship title before moving to clubs like Werder Bremen, Chelsea, and Wolfsburg. Eventually, he joined Manchester City, where he has won multiple titles, including 5 Premier League championships, 2 FA Cups, and 5 English League Cups. His most significant achievement came in 2023 when Manchester City won their first-ever Champions League title. De Bruyne also led the Premier League in assists for two consecutive years.

In the national team, he has made 99 appearances and scored 26 goals for Belgium. De Bruyne played a key role in Belgium’s impressive performance at the 2018 World Cup, reaching the semi-finals. He is already considered one of the greatest Belgians in soccer history, and his ranking could rise further depending on his future achievements.

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