The 10 All Time NBA Free Throw Percentage Leaders

All Time NBA Free Throw Percentage Leaders: In the history of the NBA, shooting free throws has always been a really important skill for basketball players of all positions. Being good at making free throws can really help a team, especially in close games. Over the years, some players have become the best at it, showing incredible accuracy and consistency when shooting from the free-throw line.

These players have figured out how to shoot free throws really well, even when there’s a lot of pressure. They stay focused and calm, even with the noise from the crowd and the intense competition.

The 10 All Time NBA Free Throw Percentage Leaders

These players have worked hard to perfect their technique and stay mentally strong, and because of that, they’re considered some of the best free throw shooters in the history of the NBA.

Free Throw PercentagePercentage
Free throws MadeMade
Free Throws AttemptedAttempted
1Stephen Curry.90933,5603,915
2Steve Nash.90433,0603,384
3Mark Price.90392,1352,362
4Rick Barry.89983,8184,243
5Damian Lillard.89594,5695,100
6Peja Stojaković.89482,2372,500
7Chauncey Billups.89404,4965,029
8Ray Allen.89394,3984,920
9JJ Redick.89182,0602,310
10Calvin Murphy.89163,4453,864
11Scott Skiles.88911,5481,741
12Reggie Miller.88776,2377,026
13Kevin Durant.88586,7517,621
14Larry Bird.88573,9604,471
15Kyrie Irving.88502,6462,990
16Bill Sharman.88313,1433,559
17Khris Middleton.88021,9692,237
18Dirk Nowitzki.87887,2408,239
19Jeff Hornacek.87702,9733,390
20Kyle Korvers.87691,2971,479

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