The 10 Top Goal Scorers For Colombia Football Team All-Time

Top Goal Scorers For Colombia Football Team All-Time: Colombia really loves soccer and they’re super passionate about it. Unlike their neighboring countries, Colombia has always had a special connection to soccer. They’ve produced some of the best players, not just in Colombia, but also in all of South America.

Right now, the Colombian national team is doing really well, and they’re getting more recognition globally than ever before. This is because they have a bunch of really talented players who are doing great not only in Colombia but also in top clubs in America and Europe. Because of this, they’re ranked 16th in the FIFA national team rankings, although they used to be even higher at 10th place.

But just talking about recent news doesn’t do justice to Colombian soccer. They’ve had some incredibly talented players throughout their history.

Top Goal Scorers For Colombia Football Team All-Time

So, we’re going to list the top 5 players who’ve had amazing careers in Colombian soccer. These are the 5 top goal-scorers for the Colombia national team of all time.

1. Radamel Falcao

  • Career Span: 2007–
  • Matches: 104
  • Goals: 36
  • Average: 0.35

Radamel Falcao, the top goal-scorer for the Colombian national team, made his debut in 2007 against Uruguay when he was 21. He scored his first goal in a match against Montenegro during the Kirin Cup. Despite his efforts, Colombia didn’t qualify for the 2010 World Cup.

In the 2011 Copa América, Falcao played a crucial role, helping Colombia win the group stage but lost to Peru in the quarter-finals. He was instrumental in Colombia’s qualification for the 2014 World Cup but couldn’t play due to a knee injury. Colombia reached the quarter-finals in his absence.

In 2015, Falcao became the top scorer in Colombian history with 25 goals. He captained the team in the Copa América 2015, where Colombia was eliminated in the quarter-finals by Argentina.

He didn’t play in the Copa América Centenario 2016 but was part of the 2018 World Cup squad. He scored a goal but Colombia was knocked out in the round of 16 against England after a penalty shootout, where he successfully converted his penalty.

2. James Rodríguez

  • Career Span: 2011–
  • Matches: 90
  • Goals: 26
  • Average: 0.29

In second place on the list is James Rodríguez, a player who is still playing and continues to impress the world with his amazing left-footed shots. He’s known for his hard work and started his career quietly, gradually gaining recognition. In the 2014 World Cup, he shone brightly and became the tournament’s top scorer.

James Rodríguez made a name for himself through outstanding performances at clubs like Porto, Monaco, and a strong first season at Real Madrid. However, his career at Real Madrid hit a rough patch due to disagreements with coach Zinedine Zidane.

Currently, he’s showcasing his skills in the Premier League, delighting Everton fans with his exceptional left foot. In terms of the national team, James Rodríguez is Colombia’s second-highest all-time goal-scorer and ranks ninth for the most appearances in the team’s history.

3. Arnoldo Iguarán

  • Career Span: 1979–1993
  • Matches: 68
  • Goals: 25
  • Average: 0.37

In third place is Arnoldo Iguarán. He played for the Colombian national football team from 1979 to 1993, making a total of 68 appearances. Iguarán scored 25 goals for Colombia, making him the team’s top scorer until June 7, 2017, when Falcao surpassed his record with 26 goals.

Iguarán was part of the Colombian squad for the 1990 World Cup in Italy under coach Francisco Maturana. Colombia made it to the round of 16 after finishing third in their group, beating the United Arab Emirates and drawing with Germany. In the knockout stage, they faced Cameroon. The match ended in a goalless draw, leading to extra time.

Unfortunately, two goals from Roger Milla of Cameroon ended Colombia’s World Cup journey. Iguarán played as a substitute in the round of 16, coming on for Luis Fajardo in the 63rd minute. He had started in the first two group games but wasn’t used in the last group match.

4. Faustino Asprilla

  • Career Span: 1993–2001
  • Matches: 57
  • Goals: 20
  • Average: 0.35

In fourth place is Tino Asprilla, a player known not only for his talent as a striker but also for his humor and off-field stories. Despite his remarkable skill, his career was marred by poor decisions.

Asprilla made a significant impact at Parma, winning 5 titles and becoming a key player for the Italian club. However, he is especially remembered for his hat trick against FC Barcelona while playing for Newcastle, a moment cherished by fans.

On the national team, Asprilla is the fourth-highest scorer, with 20 goals in 57 games. He was part of the fantastic Colombian team alongside players like Valderrama, Rincón, and Higuita, leaving a lasting impression in Colombian football history.

5. Freddy Rincón

  • Career Span: 1990–2001
  • Matches: 84
  • Goals: 17
  • Average: 0.2

In fifth place is Freddy Rincón, a uniquely talented player who didn’t shine as brightly in Europe as he did in South America. He excelled locally and internationally during his time with various Brazilian clubs.

Rincón was known for his power, speed, and striking ability, allowing him to score 169 goals at the club level. He had a stint at Real Madrid, being one of the early Colombian players there before James Rodríguez. However, he didn’t make a significant impact at Real Madrid or during his time at Napoli, where he played fewer than twenty games.

On the national team, he is the fifth-highest goal-scorer in history and ranks ninth for the most appearances in the history of the Colombian National Team. Despite his challenges in Europe, he left a mark with his skills and contributions to Colombian soccer.

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