Argentina Vs Brazil Great Football Rivalry

Argentina Vs Brazil Great Football Rivalry: The Argentina-Brazil football rivalry started a long time ago, even before football became popular in both countries. This rivalry is not just in football but in almost all sports. However, when it comes to men’s football, the matches between Argentina and Brazil are especially important. There was a period from 1925 to 1937 when they didn’t play against each other due to a violent incident during a Copa America final. Both teams refused to compete in tournaments where the other was participating. Another violent clash in 1946 led to another ten-year break in their matches.

This rivalry isn’t just between the two teams; it’s also between their fans. Argentine fans are known for their passion and love for the game, while Brazilian fans are known for their style and creativity. People often see this rivalry as a clash of cultures, with Argentina representing the traditional European football values and Brazil representing the more relaxed South American football approach.

The Argentina-Brazil football rivalry is one of the fiercest and most passionate rivalries globally. It has a long history and is deeply rooted in tradition. This rivalry is likely to continue for many more years to come.

Argentina Vs Brazil Major Official Titles Comparison

Brazil has won the FIFA World Cup five times, which is a record, while Argentina has won it three times. When it comes to the Copa América, Argentina has an impressive 15 titles, whereas Brazil has 9. In the FIFA Confederations Cup, Brazil has won it four times, and Argentina has won it once. Additionally, Argentina has secured two Olympic gold medals, while Brazil has one.

The rivalry between Argentina and Brazil in football is incredibly passionate and intense. People always expect these two teams to be strong contenders for major championships, and fans from all over the world eagerly look forward to their matches.

Argentina Vs Brazil Senior Titles:

When you look at the overall senior titles, Argentina has won a total of 22, while Brazil has won a total of 20. So, Argentina holds a slight edge in that regard.

FIFA World Cup35
FIFA Confederations Cup14
Copa América159
Panamerican Championship12
CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions20
Total Senior Titles2220
Argentina Vs Brazil Youth Titles:

Brazil has won more FIFA U-17 World Cup titles than Argentina, but Argentina has won more FIFA U-20 World Cup titles. In the South American U-20 Championship, Brazil has done better by winning it 12 times, while Argentina has won it 5 times.

In the South American U-17 Championship, Brazil has a stronger record with 13 wins compared to Argentina’s 4.

When it comes to youth titles in soccer, Brazil has won a total of 52, while Argentina has won 32.

Summer Olympics22
Pan American Games75
South American Games20
CONMEBOL Pre-Olympic Tournament57
FIFA U-20 World Cup65
FIFA U-17 World Cup04
South American U-20 Championship512
South American U-17 Championship413
South American U-15 Championship15
Total Youth Titles3252
Grand Total (Senior + Youth Titles)5472

Argentina Vs Brazil Head-to-Head

These two teams have played against each other 109 times. Brazil has a slight advantage in their head-to-head record, winning 43 matches compared to Argentina’s 40. They’ve also had 26 matches that ended in a draw, counting both official and unofficial games.

The most significant matches between these teams have taken place in major tournaments like the FIFA World Cup and the Copa América. In the World Cup, they’ve faced each other four times. Brazil won twice, Argentina won once, and one match ended in a draw.

The rivalry between Argentina and Brazil is known for its intense passion and is one of the most notable in the world of football.

TournamentMatches PlayedArg. WinBra. WinDrawArg. GoalsBra. Goals
FIFA World Cup412135
FIFA Confederations Cup101014
Copa América34161085340
FIFA World Cup Qualification9243915
Panamerican Championship311144
Total Official Matches512018137068
Roca Cup (1914–1974)219935045
Superclásico de las Américas834158
Taça do Atlântico (+1976 Roca Cup)403129
Copa ZH 35th Anniversary211044
Copa Roberto Chery100133
Copa Confraternidad101002
Taça das Nações110030
Australia Bicentenary Gold Cup100100
Copa Centenario de la AFA100111
Copa 50imo Aniversario de Clarín101001
Friendly Matches177642324
Grand Total109404326162166

Argentina Vs Brazil Club-Level Official Titles Comparison

Argentina has an impressive record in the Copa Libertadores, having won 25 titles, which is more than any other country. Brazil is close behind with 22 Copa Libertadores titles, making them second in this regard.

When it comes to the Intercontinental Cup, Argentina holds a slight lead with 9 titles, while Brazil has 6.

If you consider all the titles across various competitions, Argentina has a total of 75 titles, while Brazil has 69 titles. These two countries have a rich history of success in the world of football.

FIFA Club World Cup04
Intercontinental Cup96
Copa Libertadores2523
Copa Sudamericana95
Copa Mercosur13
Supercopa Libertadores63
Recopa Sudamericana1012
Copa Interamericana70
Copa de Oro12
Copa Master de Supercopa11
Copa Master de CONMEBOL01
Intercontinental Champions’ Supercup01
Suruga Bank Cup32
South American Championship of Champions01

Pelé vs. Maradona Rivalry

At Club
At National Team
No. of Trophies at Clubs278
No. of Trophies at National Team
FIFA World Cup31
Taça do Atlântico1
Taça do Atlântico1
Roca Cup2
Taça Oswaldo Cruz3
Copa Bernardo O’Higgins1
Artemio Franchi Cup1
Top goalscorer62
Footballer of the Year4
Free Kick Goals7062
Penalties Goals7790

Messi vs. Neymar Rivalry

At Club
Apperances886 498
At National Team
No. of Trophies at Clubs3827
No. of Trophies at National Team
FIFA World Cup1
FIFA Confederations Cup1
CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions1
Copa América1
The Best FIFA Men’s Player3
Winner Ballon d’Or7
UEFA Best Player in Europe 3
Top goalscorer234
Player of the Year101
TM-Player of the season4
FIFA Puskás Award1
Olympic medalist11
Free Kick Goals6515
Penalties Goals10874

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