Salah vs Mahrez – Who is the Better Player?

Salah vs Mahrez: Mohamed Salah and Riyad Mahrez are really exciting players. They are known for being fast and scoring goals. Salah has been scoring a lot in recent years and got a special award the Premier League Golden Boot multiple times. Mahrez is also good at scoring and he won important trophies with Manchester City.

Both players are also good at helping their teammates to score. Salah has given more assists than Mahrez this season, but Mahrez is better at passing accurately.

Salah and Mahrez are different in how they play. Salah is better at putting the ball into the net, while Mahrez is better at coming up with new ways to play. They both can win games for their teams, and they are for sure going to be two of the best players in the world.

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In this article, we will compare all the things Salah and Mahrez have done in their careers. We will look at how many goals they scored, how many times they helped their teammates to score, and how many big prizes they won. We will also talk about what they are really good at and where they might not be as strong.

Salah vs Mahrez All-Time Stats

Salah has been scoring a lot in recent years, with more than 140 goals in the Premier League for Liverpool. He’s also the second-highest scorer ever for Egypt, with 53 goals.

Mahrez is also a big scorer, with over 173 goals in his career. He won the Africa Cup of Nations in 2019, and he was part of the Manchester City team that won the Champions League in 2022/23.

Total Appearances676590
Total Goals336176
Total Assists170156
Champions League Goals4420
Total Hat-tricks43
Ballon d’Or Awards00
Golden Shoe Awards00
Champions League Titles21
International Titles11
Salah vs Mahrez Statistics For The 2023/2024 Season
Salah vs Mahrez Statistics For The 2022/2023 Season

Salah has been amazing for Liverpool, scoring 30 goals in just 10 Premier League games. He’s also netted three goals in the Champions League.

Mahrez has been doing well for Manchester City too, scoring 5 goals in 30 Premier League games and assisting 10 times and also won the Premier League trophy. The 2022/2023 season has been one of the best in Mahrez’s career as he won three titles.

Salah vs Mahrez Statistics At Club Level

Salah has been scoring a lot for his clubs, with over 281 goals for Liverpool and the other clubs he played for. Mahrez has also been a good scorer, with more than 146 goals in his career. Additionally, he’s provided 116 assists in his club career.

Minutes Per Goal158′241′
Minutes Played44.609′35.647′
Salah vs Mahrez Statistics At National Level

Salah has been a great scorer for Egypt, with 54 goals in 89 games. He’s the second-highest scorer ever for his country.

Mahrez has been an important player for Algeria too, scoring 30 goals in 89 matches. He played a big part in helping Algeria win the Africa Cup of Nations in 2019.

Minutes Per Goal150′224′
Minutes Played7.972′6.707′
Salah vs Mahrez Titles

Salah has won several important trophies with Liverpool, including the Premier League, Champions League, FIFA Club World Cup, and UEFA Super Cup. He’s also won the African Cup of Nations with Egypt.

Mahrez has achieved great success with Manchester City, winning the Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, League Cup, and Community Shield. He’s also won the Africa Cup of Nations with Algeria.

UEFA Champions League21
UEFA Super Cup1
FIFA Club World Cup1
Swiss Super League2
Premier League15
FA Cup12
EFL Cup13
FA Community Shield11
UEFA European Under-19 Championship1
Africa Cup of Nations1
Football League Championship1
Africa Cup of Nations1
Salah vs Mahrez Individual Awards

Salah has received several individual awards, including Player of the Year, Top Goalscorer, and the Premier League Golden Boot twice. He’s also been named Footballer of the Year two times.

Mahrez has also earned individual awards, such as the Top Goalscorer award, Footballer of the Year, and Player of the Year. He’s been named African Footballer of the Year once as well.

Player of the Year21
Ballon d’Or
European Golden Shoe
UEFA Best Player in Europe
Top Goalscorer41
TM-Player of the season1
Olympic Medalist
Footballer of the Year22
FIFA World Cup Golden Ball
Pichichi Trophy
FIFA Puskas Award1
FIFA World Cup Silver Ball
FIFA World Cup Bronze Boot
Salah vs Mahrez Penalty Goals

Salah has been successful with 32 out of the 38 penalties he’s taken. Mahrez has scored 27 out of the 37 penalties he’s taken.

Penalty GoalsSalahMahrez
Salah vs Mahrez Free Kick Goals

In his career, Mahrez has scored 8 goals from free-kicks, while Salah has not scored any.

Free KickSalahMahrez
Face-To-Face Clashes Between Salah and Mahrez

Mohamed Salah and Riyad Mahrez have played against each other 10 times. Salah won 2 of those matches, Mahrez won 6, and 2 games ended in a draw.

In these matches, Salah scored 7 goals, while Mahrez scored 1.

CompetitionMatchesResultSalah GoalsMahrez
Premier League 17/18Leicester Vs Liverpool 2:31
Premier League 17/18Liverpool Vs Leicester City2:12
Premier League 18/19Liverpool Vs Man City 0:0
Premier League 19/20Man City Vs Liverpool 4:01
Premier League 20/21Liverpool Vs Man City 1:4
Premier League 21/22Man City Vs Liverpool 2:2
FA Cup 21/22Man City Vs Liverpool 1:01
Community Shield 22/23Liverpool Vs City Man City2:31
EFL Cup 22/23Man City Vs Liverpool 3:211
Premier League 22/23Man City Vs Liverpool 4:11
TotalMahrez 6 Salah Draw 217:2371

Salah vs Mahrez (FAQS)

Who Has Won More European Golden Shoe Awards? Salah or Mahrez

Neither Mohamed Salah nor Riyad Mahrez has won the European Golden Shoe Award.

Who Has Won Ballon d’Or? Salah or Mahrez

Mohamed Salah and Riyad Mahrez didn’t win the Ballon d’Or award.

Who’s The Best At Dribbling? Salah or Mahrez

Mohamed Salah and Riyad Mahrez are both really good at dribbling the ball, but it’s hard to say for sure who is the better dribbler.

Who’s The Best At Heading? Salah or Mahrez

Mohamed Salah is better at heading the ball compared to Riyad Mahrez. Salah can jump higher, and he’s more precise when heading. Mahrez isn’t bad at heading, but he’s not as good as Salah. He’s not as tall as Salah, and he can’t jump as high. Additionally, Mahrez isn’t as accurate when it comes to heading the ball.
WINNER: Mohamed Salah

Who’s The Best At Shooting? Salah or Mahrez

Mohamed Salah is a superior shooter to Riyad Mahrez. Salah is more precise with his shots, and he’s better at scoring when he’s in front of the goal.
WINNER: Mohamed Salah

Who’s Better At The International Level? Salah or Mahrez

Mohamed Salah has more success at the international level compared to Riyad Mahrez. Salah achieved victory in the Africa Cup of Nations with Egypt in 2021 and reached the final in 2019. He’s also scored 49 goals in 83 appearances for Egypt, making him their second-highest scorer ever.
While Riyad Mahrez also won the Africa Cup of Nations with Algeria in 2019, he hasn’t been as successful as Salah. Mahrez has scored 30 goals in 83 appearances for Algeria, making him their third-highest scorer of all time.
Salah’s greater success on the international stage can be attributed to several factors, including his goal-scoring prowess, creative skills, and leadership abilities.
WINNER: Mohamed Salah

Who’s The Best At Passing? Salah or Mahrez

Both Mohamed Salah and Riyad Mahrez are skilled at passing the ball, but it’s challenging to definitively determine who is the better passer.

Who Has Won More Champions League Titles? Salah or Mahrez

Mohamed Salah has won the Champions League title twice, whereas Riyad Mahrez has won it once.
WINNER: Mohamed Salah

Who Has More Assists? Salah or Mahrez

Mohamed Salah has more assists than Riyad Mahrez. Salah has provided 162 assists, while Mahrez has 140 assists.
WINNER: Mohamed Salah

Who Is Better? Salah or Mahrez

it is up to you to decide who is the better player

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