Coaches with Most Matches Won and Managed in La Liga

In La Liga, where soccer is like a mix of tactics and passion, there are some successful coaches. These coaches have won a lot of matches and are a big part of Spanish football history.

Imagine the coaches feeling the pressure – making many choices, hearing the fans cheer, and guiding their teams to success. We’ll explore the list of these football experts, see how they play tactically, check out their big wins, and see what makes them special.

Coaches with Most Matches Won and Managed in La Liga

If you love soccer, get ready to learn from the best coaches in La Liga. This journey will show you about strategy, leadership, and how to win, giving you a better understanding of the smart plays on the soccer field. Let’s start the game!

Coaches with the most matches won

1Luis Aragonés1974–2004344756
2Miguel Muñoz1958–1982323608
3Diego Simeone2011–271446
4Javier Irureta1988–2008259612
5Ferdinand Daučík1950–1971234488
6Ernesto Valverde2003–231487
7Manuel Pellegrini2004–222452
8Javier Clemente1981–2012205511
9Víctor Fernández1990–2015202544
10Helenio Herrera1948–1981200359
11John Toshack1985–2004480

Coaches with most matches managed

1Luis Aragonés1974–2004756
2Javier Irureta1988–2008612
3Miguel Muñoz1958–1982608
4Víctor Fernández1990–2015544
5Javier Clemente1981–2012511
6Joaquín Caparrós1999–2019510
7Ernesto Valverde2003–494
8Ferdinand Daučík1950–1971488
9John Toshack1985–2004480
10José Luis Mendilibar2005–2023469
11Manuel Pellegrini2004–459
12Marcel Domingo1958–1984455
13Diego Simeone2011–453
14Javier Aguirre2002–440
15Ricardo Zamora1939–1962417
16Miguel Ángel Lotina1992–2012
17José María Maguregui1973–1990415
18Lorenzo Serra Ferrer1983–2006413
19Gregorio Manzano1999–2013411
20Unai Emery2007–2022410
21Radomir Antić1988–2004409
22Luis Cid Carriega1970–1986397
24Antonio Barrios1949–1972380
27Arsenio Iglesias1971–1996363
28Helenio Herrera1948–1981359
29Fernando Vázquez1995–2013357
30Roque Olsen1962–1989345

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