Most Goals in a La Liga Season

Most Goals in a La Liga Season: In La Liga, where scoring goals is like a lively dance, some seasons stand out for having a ton of exciting goals. Let’s go back in time to revisit these incredible seasons where football wasn’t just a game but a spectacular display of attacking brilliance.

Most Goals in a La Liga Season

We’re about to meet the players who set new records by scoring a bunch of goals, turning the field into a celebration. Hold onto your hats, soccer fans, as we explore the best seasons in La Liga, filled with amazing skills, bold finishes, and the pure joy of attacking football!

Most Goals in a La Liga Season

1Lionel Messi2011–12Barcelona37501.351
2Cristiano Ronaldo2014–15Real Madrid35481.371
3Lionel Messi2012–13Barcelona32461.438
4Cristiano Ronaldo2011–12Real Madrid381.211
5Lionel Messi2014–15Barcelona38431.132
6Cristiano Ronaldo2010–11Real Madrid34401.176
7Luis Suárez2015–16Barcelona351.143
8Telmo Zarra1950–51Athletic Bilbao30381.267
9Hugo Sánchez1989–90Real Madrid351.086
10Lionel Messi2016–17Barcelona34371.088
11Lionel Messi2018–19Barcelona34361.059
12Baltazar1988–89Atlético Madrid36350.972
13Cristiano Ronaldo2015–16Real Madrid360.972

Most goals in a season Across all competitions

1Lionel Messi2011–12Barcelona60731.217
2Cristiano Ronaldo2014–15Real Madrid54611.13
3Lionel Messi2012–13Barcelona50601.2
4Cristiano Ronaldo2011–12Real Madrid551.091
5Luis Suárez2015–16Barcelona53591.113
6Lionel Messi2014–15Barcelona57581.018
7Cristiano Ronaldo2012–13Real Madrid55551
8Lionel Messi2016–17Barcelona52541.038
9Cristiano Ronaldo2010–11Real Madrid54530.981
10Lionel Messi2010–11Barcelona550.964
11Cristiano Ronaldo2013–14Real Madrid47511.085
12Cristiano Ronaldo2015–16Real Madrid481.063
13Lionel Messi2018–19Barcelona501.02

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