The 10 Highest Paid Soccer Coaches in the World 2024

Highest Paid Soccer Coaches in the World 2024: The role of a coach in the world of football has become increasingly important. As a result, their salaries have seen a tremendous increase in recent years, especially for the top coaches worldwide. The likes of José Mourinho and Pep Guardiola have played a significant role in raising the profile and financial value of the position.

Highest Paid Soccer Coaches in the World 2024

Let’s take a look at the highest-earning soccer coaches at present. Some of them earn more than any player on their team, which shows the significance placed on their role and expertise. It’s worth noting that there may be some coaches, like Galtier from PSG, whose salaries are yet to be confirmed. However, based on available information, here’s what the list of highest-paid coaches in the world would look like.

ManagerClubWeekly PayAnnual Salary
1. Diego SimeoneAtletico Madrid£573,966£29,846,244
2. Pep GuardiolaMan City£379,263£19,721,724
3. Jurgen KloppLiverpool£302,194£15,714,096
4. Graham PotterChelsea£229,180£11,917,404
5. Max AllegriJuventus£217,011£11,284,620
6. Thomas TuchelBayern Munich£202,815£10,547,580
7. Carlo AncelottiReal Madrid£184,561£9,597,204
8. Simone InzaghiInter Milan£168,336£8,753,484
9. Jose MourinhoRoma£156,167£8,120,712
10. Xabi AlonsoBayer Leverkusen£84,573£4,397,832

1. Diego Simeone

  • Current Team: Atletico Madrid
  • Weekly Pay: £573,966
  • Annual Salary: £29,846,244

Diego Simeone, the coach of Atlético de Madrid, is currently the highest-paid coach in the world. He earns more money than Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp. He has proven himself as a talented coach by winning another league title with his team.

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Simeone plays a crucial role in the success of Atlético de Madrid, who are currently competing for the La Liga title. However, they are currently behind Real Madrid and Barcelona, the current leaders of the competition.

Interestingly, in the world of football, only Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo earn more money than Simeone. When comparing him to other coaches, Simeone earns more than twice as much as Klopp and significantly more than Guardiola.

2. Pep Guardiola

  • Current Team: Man City
  • Weekly Pay: £379,263
  • Annual Salary: £19,721,724

Pep Guardiola is widely regarded as one of the best coaches in the world by almost every football fan. He became well-known for his unique style of play during his time at FC Barcelona, where he achieved an extraordinary “sextuple” and captivated audiences with his team’s style of play.

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In the 2018-2019 season, he helped City win three domestic trophies. Then, in the 2020-2021 season, he led them to their first-ever Champions League final.

At Manchester City, Guardiola has successfully won two consecutive league titles. In the 2022/23 season, Manchester City reached the UEFA Champions League final for the second time in their history, after beating Real Madrid 5-1 on aggregate in the semi-finals.

Finally, he played a key role in City winning their first Champions League title along with other continental trophies.

3. Jurgen Klopp

  • Current Team: Liverpool
  • Weekly Pay: £302,194
  • Annual Salary: £15,714,096

The coach from Germany is considered very stylish. He won the Champions League in the 2018-19 season and has now taken control of the Premier League. Currently, Liverpool is in 5th place in the Premier League standings.

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Jürgen Klopp’s only disappointment in his career was when his team, Liverpool, lost in the round of 16 of the Champions League at Anfield. It happened in the 2019/20 season against Atlético Madrid. Atlético Madrid defeated the reigning European champions and eliminated their chances of winning the title again.

Currently, Liverpool is doing well in the Champions League. They have won 5 out of 6 matches in the group stage of the 2022/2023 season. However, they were knocked out of the tournament in the round of 16 by Real Madrid, who defeated Liverpool 5-2.

4. Graham Potter

  • Current Team: Chelsea
  • Weekly Pay: £229,180
  • Annual Salary: £11,917,404

In April 2023, Graham Potter became the head coach of Chelsea, replacing Thomas Tuchel. This was seen as a big achievement for Chelsea, as Potter is a highly respected coach known for his possession-based style of play. He had a clear plan for how he wanted Chelsea to perform and was confident in their ability to reach the top of English football again.

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Chelsea fans had mixed reactions to Potter’s appointment. Some were excited about having a new coach, while others were worried because Potter didn’t have much experience in the Premier League.

Initially, Potter’s time at Chelsea started well, with the team winning their first three games under his leadership. However, their performance soon declined, and they lost four out of their next five games. He is a talented coach who will be seeking a new opportunity to manage another top club soon.

5. Massimiliano Allegri

  • Current Team: Juventus
  • Weekly Pay: £217,011
  • Annual Salary: £11,284,620

Massimiliano Allegri has come back to Juventus, even though he had left the club just one season earlier. He has returned as the coach following Andrea Pirlo’s departure. Pirlo’s time as coach was not very successful, and it also marked the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus.

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Allegri faces the challenging responsibility of bringing Juventus back to the top of Italian football after their disappointing performance last season. However, it is still too early to see any significant changes, and Juventus’ progress in Serie A is currently not close to the leading position.

6. Thomas Tuchel

  • Current Team: Bayern Munich
  • Weekly Pay: £202,815
  • Annual Salary: £10,547,580

Thomas Tuchel, after being fired by Chelsea earlier in the season for not achieving good results, has now been chosen as the new coach of Bayern Munich, taking over from Julian Nagelsmann. Bayern Munich has high hopes for Tuchel, hoping that he can replicate the incredible achievement he had at Chelsea. Despite joining the team mid-season to replace Frank Lampard, Tuchel led Chelsea to victory in the Champions League in 2021.

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Even though he has only recently arrived in Germany, Thomas Tuchel is currently the highest-earning coach in the Bundesliga. He earns approximately £202,815 per week.

Tuchel is known for his attacking style of play and his ability to get the best out of his players. He is a popular figure among football fans and is seen as one of the most promising young coaches in the world.

7. Carlo Ancelotti

  • Current Team: Real Madrid
  • Weekly Pay: £184,561
  • Annual Salary: £9,597,204

Carlo Ancelotti, who was previously the coach of Real Madrid from 2013 to 2015, has recently signed with the club again. This came after he departed from Napoli and Everton. He has returned to the helm of Real Madrid to fill the shoes of the legendary Zinedine Zidane.

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Throughout his extensive coaching career, Ancelotti has managed top-tier teams such as AC Milan, PSG, and even Real Madrid itself.

8. Simone Inzaghi

  • Current Team: Inter Milan
  • Weekly Pay: £168,336
  • Annual Salary: £8,753,484

Simone Inzaghi, the younger brother of AC Milan legend Filippo Inzaghi, has made a name for himself as a successful manager during his tenure at Lazio. Inzaghi’s coaching style is characterized by an attacking and dynamic approach, with an emphasis on quick transitions and high pressing. He is known for his ability to develop young players and extract the best from his squad.

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In 2021, Inter Milan chose him as the replacement for Antonio Conte. In his first season as Inter Milan’s coach, he came very close to winning the Serie A title. Unfortunately, his team narrowly missed out on the title to their rivals, AC Milan, on the final day of the season. His appointment at Inter Milan marks a new chapter in his coaching career, as he aims to continue building on the club’s recent success.

9. Jose Mourinho

  • Current Team: Roma
  • Weekly Pay: £156,167
  • Annual Salary: £8,120,712

José Mourinho, often referred to as ‘The Special One,’ is widely regarded as one of the world’s best coaches. He has managed several top-tier teams throughout his career, including Inter Milan (2009-10), Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United, Tottenham, and currently AS Roma.

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Following Mauricio Pochettino’s departure, Tottenham’s leadership chose Mourinho to revitalize their project and compete in both the Premier League and Europe. However, after a disappointing season in 2020/21, Mourinho was sacked by Spurs. Subsequently, in the summer of 2021, he signed with AS Roma, a Serie A team.

10. Xabi Alonso

  • Current Team: Bayer Leverkusen
  • Weekly Pay: £84,573
  • Annual Salary: £4,397,832

Xabi Alonso was a fantastic midfielder who played for top clubs the Liverpool, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich. After retiring as a player, Alonso started his coaching career with Real Sociedad’s reserve team. In October 2022, he became the new head coach of Bayer Leverkusen.

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Alonso brought new energy to the team and his extensive experience playing under great managers proved valuable in his coaching role. Before Thomas Tuchel was appointed as the manager at Bayern, Xabi Alonso was the highest-paid manager in the Bundesliga, earning nearly £84,573 per week. Given his experience and knowledge of the game, it would not be surprising to see Xabi Alonso pursue a coaching career in the future.

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