According to Forbes, These are the 20 Most Valuable Football Clubs 2024

Most Valuable Football Clubs 2024: Football is popular around the world, and the teams that play it are super valuable. Some clubs have a special place in football history because they’ve amazing players and created some of the best teams ever.

Every football fan thinks their club is the best, but figuring out the most valuable ones in 2024 can be done more objectively. We looked at things like how much money the clubs make, the trophies they’ve won in their own country, and how they’ve done in European competitions.

Certain clubs like Real Madrid and Bayern Munich are still doing well today. Others, like Benfica and AC Milan, have had a tougher time getting back to the top of European football in recent years.

Most Valuable Football Clubs 2024

Here are the top 20 most valuable football clubs in 2024.

1. Real Madrid

  • Country: Spain
  • Value in $ millions: 6,070
  • Revenue ($M): 807
  • Operating income ($M): -38

Real Madrid is the number one club on the list of the most valuable football clubs in 2024. It’s a big deal in club football and attracts top players from all over the world, thanks to its famous strategy of signing superstar players known as Galacticos. According to the latest rankings by Deloitte Football Money League, Real Madrid is the most profitable club in Europe, making almost $807 million in revenue during the 2022/23 season.

Real Madrid has an impressive record, winning 35 La Liga titles, which is 13 more than their rivals FC Barcelona. They also hold the record for the most European Cup/Champions League trophies with 14 wins. The club was especially dominant in the early years of the competition, winning five in a row from 1956 to 1960.

Most fans of football agree that Real Madrid is the biggest and most prominent club in the game. Their success and achievements make them deserving of the top spot in the ranking of the best football clubs in the world. According to Forbes, Real Madrid’s current value is estimated to be $6,070 million.

2. Manchester United

  • Country: England
  • Value in $ millions: 6,000
  • Revenue ($M): 779
  • Operating income ($M): 108

Manchester United holds the second position in the list of the most valuable football clubs in 2024. This English club was founded in 1878 as Newton Heath LYR FC, and it changed its name to Manchester United in 1902. In 1908, it secured its first English championship title. The team faced challenges but saw a revival in the 50s and 60s, especially with the arrival of coach Matt Busby.

Despite claims that about 10% of the world’s population are their fans, Manchester United’s brand became widely recognized, thanks to successes under Sir Alex Ferguson’s management. While the team has faced some challenges recently, even with the return of Cristiano Ronaldo, it still holds a strong reputation in the world. Manchester United has an impressive history and is considered one of the best football clubs worldwide.

During the Busby era, the team focused on young talent and achieved significant success, winning the championship five times and the FA Cup twice. Notable players like George Best and Bobby Charlton contributed to the club’s success. In 1968, they became the first English club to participate in and win the Champions League. Sir Alex Ferguson took over in 1986 and marked the beginning of a new era, winning 38 trophies, including a historic Premier League, FA Cup, and Champions League treble in 1999.

Manchester United boasts a remarkable record with 20 English league titles, 12 FA Cups, and 3 Champions League titles. The club has been home to legendary players such as Dennis Law, Duncan Edwards, Roy Keane, Paul Scholes, Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, and Cristiano Ronaldo. According to Forbes, Manchester United’s current value is estimated to be $6,000 million

3. Barcelona

  • Country: Spain
  • Value in $ millions: 5,508
  • Revenue ($M): 721
  • Operating income ($M): 53

Barcelona holds the third position in the ranking of the most valuable football clubs in 2024. While Barcelona’s trophy collection isn’t as extensive as their Clasico rival, FC Barcelona has been a prominent team in European football for many years. It took some time for Barcelona to make a mark in European competitions, winning their first cup in 1992 and adding four more since then.

Barcelona clinched the European Championship titles in 2008/09 and 2010/11 is often considered one of the greatest club teams in history, thanks to the presence of Lionel Messi, who is widely regarded as one of the best players ever.

Barcelona has an impressive record with 26 league titles and many other domestic and European trophies. Although the current team might need some changes to get back to its winning ways, Barcelona’s reputation as a European powerhouse remains strong.

According to Forbes, the current estimated value of Barcelona is $5,508 million.

4. Liverpool

  • Country: England
  • Value in $ millions: 5,288
  • Revenue ($M): 793
  • Operating income ($M): 129

Liverpool holds the fourth position in the list of the most valuable football clubs in 2024. The legendary Liverpool club is undeniably one of the best in football history, boasting an impressive record of six Champions League titles and 19 English League titles. This trophy collection establishes Liverpool as one of the most successful teams in both England and Europe.

However, the club experienced a significant decline since the 1990s, enduring a 30-year championship drought in the Premier League era until finally winning it in 2020. Despite a remarkable victory in the 2005 Champions League final, Liverpool has struggled to maintain consistent success in European competitions in recent years.

While the club is currently on an upward trajectory, the lack of sustained recent success keeps Liverpool from securing a higher position on the list. According to Forbes, the estimated value of Liverpool is $5,288 million.

5. Manchester City

  • Country: England
  • Value in $ millions: 4,990
  • Revenue ($M): 815
  • Operating income ($M): 175

Manchester City, the fifth most valuable football club in 2024, has a storied history dating back to its founding in 1880 as St. Mark’s (West Gorton). The club went through several name changes before settling on Manchester City in 1894. With a home ground at the City of Manchester Stadium since 2003, the club has secured many titles, including nine league titles, seven FA Cups, eight League Cups, and other trophies. Despite facing a period of decline in the 1980s, they regained prominence in the early 2000s and have remained a consistent force in the Premier League.

A crucial moment in Manchester City’s trajectory occurred in 2008 when Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan’s Abu Dhabi United Group took ownership, injecting substantial financial investment. Under the management of Pep Guardiola, the club achieved unprecedented success, winning multiple Premier League titles, and FA Cups, and reaching historic milestones securing 100 points in a single season. Manchester City holds the top spot in the UEFA coefficient standings and, as of 2024, was valued at $4,990 million, ranking fifth in the world by Forbes.

Owned by City Football Group Limited, with a valuation of £3.73 billion in 2019, Manchester City is a football powerhouse majority-owned by the Abu Dhabi United Group, contributing to its remarkable ascent in global football.

6. Bayern Munich

  • Country: Germany
  • Value in $ millions: 4,860
  • Revenue ($M): 739
  • Operating income ($M): 133

Bayern Munich secures the sixth spot among the most valuable football clubs in 2024. Hailing from Munich, the club is regarded as one of the powerhouses of European football. Despite the past shadow of Uli Hoeness, the club’s president, facing tax evasion charges, recent on-field successes are seen as vital for maintaining Bayern’s stature.

With an impressive record of 6 Champions League titles, Bayern Munich holds the third position in the ranking of clubs with the most Champions League victories, tied with Liverpool.

In the Bundesliga, Bayern’s dominance is evident with 32 wins, a remarkable 18 more than the closest competitor, showcasing their league supremacy over the past decade. The future outlook for the German giants appears promising, solidifying their position among the best football clubs in the world. Forbes estimates Bayern Munich’s value at $4,860 million, reinforcing their financial standing in the football landscape.

7. Paris Saint-Germain

  • Country: France
  • Value in $ millions: 4,212
  • Revenue ($M): 739
  • Operating income ($M): -219

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) holds the seventh position among the most valuable football clubs in 2024, competing in Ligue 1, the top tier of French football. Established in 1970 through the merger of Paris FC and Stade Saint-Germain, PSG has become France’s most successful club, securing over 40 official honors, including eleven league titles and a major European trophy.

The club faced a period of decline in the 2000s but experienced a revival since 2011, marked by increased financial support. This resurgence has led to unparalleled dominance in domestic competitions, with multiple league titles and national cups. PSG has also made a significant impact in the UEFA Champions League, reaching their first final in 2020. They boast the most consecutive seasons in France’s top flight and are one of the two French clubs to have won a major European title.

Since 2011, PSG has been primarily owned by Qatar Sports Investments, a Qatari government-backed investment fund holding 87.5% of the shares, while the remaining 12.5% is owned by American investment firm Arctos Partners. The club is the richest in France and one of the wealthiest in the world, with the fifth-highest revenue in the footballing world in 2023, amounting to €654 million, according to Deloitte. Forbes values PSG as the world’s seventh-most valuable football club at $4.21 billion.

8. Chelsea

  • Country: England
  • Value in $ millions: 3,100
  • Revenue ($M): 642
  • Operating income ($M): 35

Chelsea holds the eighth position among the most valuable football clubs in 2024. Established in 1905, the team plays its home games at Stamford Bridge and competes in the Premier League. Chelsea achieved its first major honor, the League championship, in 1955, and later secured significant victories, including the FA Cup in 1970, the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1971, and the Club World Cup in 2022.

Notably, Chelsea is one of only five clubs to have won all three main European club competitions before 1999 and the only club to achieve this feat twice. Domestically, Chelsea boasts six league titles, eight FA Cups, five League Cups, and four FA Community Shields. Internationally, they have won the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, and the UEFA Super Cup twice each, as well as the FIFA Club World Cup.

With a historic rivalry with Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, and Leeds United, Chelsea is considered the fourth-most successful club in English football in terms of overall trophies won. As of 2024, Chelsea ranks as the eighth-most valuable football club in the world, with a worth of $3.10 billion, and is the eighth-highest-earning football club in the world.

9. Tottenham Hotspur

  • Country: England
  • Value in $ millions: 2,803
  • Revenue ($M): 591
  • Operating income ($M): 152

Tottenham Hotspur, ranking ninth among the most valuable football clubs in 2024, competes in the Premier League. Founded in 1882, the club boasts a rich history, winning the FA Cup in 1901 and achieving the League and FA Cup Double in the 1960–61 season, a first in the 20th century.

Noteworthy European successes include being the inaugural winner of the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup in 1963 and winning the UEFA Cup in 1972.

Tottenham has secured at least one major trophy in each decade from the 1950s to the 2000s, a feat matched only by Manchester United. The club has domestic victories in two league titles, eight FA Cups, four League Cups, and seven FA Community Shields, while internationally, they’ve won one European Cup Winners’ Cup and two UEFA Cups. With a valuation of $2,803 million in 2024, Tottenham Hotspur holds a prominent position among football’s most valuable clubs, also ranking as the ninth-highest-earning club in the world with an annual revenue of $591 million in the same year.

10. Arsenal

  • Country: England
  • Value in $ millions: 2,263
  • Revenue ($M): 490
  • Operating income ($M): 108

Arsenal holds the tenth position among the most valuable football clubs in 2024, competing in the Premier League. With a rich history, Arsenal has achieved significant success in domestic football, boasting 13 league titles, a record 14 FA Cups, two League Cups, 17 FA Community Shields, and various other honors. Internationally, they secured one European Cup Winners’ Cup and one Inter-Cities Fairs Cup, with a runner-up finish in the 2005–06 UEFA Champions League.

Founded in 1886 as Dial Square by munitions workers, Arsenal moved to Arsenal Stadium in Highbury in 1913, creating the iconic North London derby with Tottenham Hotspur. Notably, the club dominated the 1930s under Herbert Chapman’s influence and experienced success under Arsène Wenger between 1989 and 2005.

Wenger’s era included a record-setting unbeaten league run of 49 games, earning the team the nickname “The Invincibles.” In 2006, Arsenal relocated to the Emirates Stadium. With an annual revenue of £367.1 million in the 2021–22 season, Forbes estimates Arsenal’s value at $2.26 billion in 2024, ranking it as the world’s tenth most valuable football club.

11. Juventus

  • Country: Italy
  • Value in $ millions: 2,160
  • Revenue ($M): 453
  • Operating income ($M): -90

Juventus ranks 11th among the most valuable football clubs in 2024. While the Italian giants are the most supported team in Italy and boast a record 36 Serie A titles, their European success, particularly in the Champions League, is comparatively modest. Juventus has won two Champions League titles but holds the record for losing in seven finals, reflecting a mixed performance on the continental stage.

Despite being a dominant force in Italy, Juventus faces challenges in competing with other traditional European powerhouses, as Italian teams generally receive less revenue. This economic factor contributes to Juventus not securing a higher position on the list of the best football clubs in the world.

Forbes estimates Juventus’ value at $2,160 million, emphasizing their significant presence in the football landscape but highlighting the distinctions in European achievements compared to other top clubs.

12. Borussia Dortmund

  • Country: Germany
  • Value in $ millions: 1,928
  • Revenue ($M): 403
  • Operating income ($M): 91

Borussia Dortmund holds the 12th position among the most valuable football clubs in 2024, featuring prominently in the Bundesliga, Germany’s top-tier football league. Established in 1909, the club has achieved significant success with eight league championships, five DFB-Pokals, and notable international victories such as the UEFA Champions League, Intercontinental Cup, and UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

Beyond football, Borussia Dortmund is a part of a large sports club with over 145,000 members, making it the third-largest membership-based sports club in Germany. The club’s home games take place at Westfalenstadion, the largest stadium in Germany, and Dortmund boasts the highest average attendance of any football club in the world.

Known for its financial prowess, Borussia Dortmund was ranked as the second richest sports club in Germany and the 12th richest football team in the world by Deloitte’s annual Football Money League in 2021. According to Forbes, Borussia Dortmund’s value is estimated at $1,928 million.

13. Atlético Madrid

  • Country: Spain
  • Value in $ millions: 1,539
  • Revenue ($M): 445
  • Operating income ($M): 32

Atlético Madrid holds the 13th position among the most valuable football clubs in 2024. With a rich history spanning 116 years since its foundation on April 26, 1903, Atlético Madrid has achieved notable success, winning a total of 31 national and international titles. The club, now ranking fourth among the most successful Spanish football clubs, has secured 11 La Liga titles, 10 Copa del Rey trophies, 2 Supercopa de España titles, and one UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup.

Since September 16, 2017, Atlético Madrid has been playing its home matches at the 68,456-seat Wanda Metropolitano Stadium, succeeding the Vicente Calderón Stadium. The club’s recent championship victory came in the 2021/22 La Liga season.

Beyond domestic success, Atlético Madrid has reached the UEFA Europa League three times, the UEFA Super Cup three times, and the Intercontinental Cup once. Forbes estimates the club’s value at $1,539 million, reflecting its significant standing in the football world.

14. AC Milan

  • Country: Italy
  • Value in $ millions: 1,200
  • Revenue ($M): 299
  • Operating income ($M): 11

AC Milan secures the 14th spot among the most valuable football clubs in 2024. Established in 1899, the Italian football club quickly marked its success by winning its first scudetto merely two years later. Despite initially residing in the shadow of its rival, Inter Milan, AC Milan entered its first golden age in the 1950s, led by players the Swedish trio composed of Gren, Liedholm, and Nordahl.

The club’s dominance continued in the following decades, with two Champions League victories in the 1960s. A new era of success emerged in the late 1980s and early 1990s, marked by Dutch trio Van Basten, Gullit, and Rijkaard, propelling AC Milan to win the Champions League in 1989, 1990, and 1994.

Even in the 2000s, AC Milan maintained international prominence by securing two more Champions League titles, bringing their total to 7, a feat surpassed only by Real Madrid. With legendary players Gianni Rivera, Paolo Maldini, Pirlo, and others, AC Milan is considered one of the best European clubs of all time. Forbes estimates the club’s value at $1,200 million, reflecting its enduring legacy in football history.

15. West Ham United

  • Country: England
  • Value in $ millions: 1,079
  • Revenue ($M): 340
  • Operating income ($M): 98

West Ham United secured the 15th position among the most valuable football clubs in 2024, competing in the Premier League. Founded in 1895 as Thames Ironworks and later reformed as West Ham United in 1900, the club moved to the Boleyn Ground in 1904, which remained its home for over a century until the move to the London Stadium in 2016.

Throughout its history, West Ham United has achieved significant success, winning five major honors. Domestically, the club has clinched the FA Cup three times (1964, 1975, and 1980) and reached the finals twice (1923 and 2006). In European competitions, West Ham has reached three major finals, winning the European Cup Winners’ Cup in 1965, finishing as the runner-up in 1976, and securing the second edition of the Europa Conference League in 2023. The club has also claimed one minor European trophy by winning the Intertoto Cup in 1999.

Having spent 66 of 98 league seasons in the top flight, West Ham United is one of eight clubs never to have fallen below the second tier of English football. Notably, three West Ham players were part of the 1966 World Cup-winning England team. The club has a historic rivalry with Millwall, known for frequent incidents of football hooliganism. Forbes estimates the club’s value at $1,079 million, affirming its significance in the football landscape.

16. Inter Milan

  • Country: Italy
  • Value in $ millions: 1,026
  • Revenue ($M): 348
  • Operating income ($M): 44

Inter Milan holds the 16th position among the most valuable football clubs in 2024. Established in 1908 following a schism within the Milan Cricket and Football Club, Inter is the only Italian side to have consistently competed in the top flight of Italian football since its debut in 1909. The club has amassed an impressive record, winning 35 domestic trophies, including 19 league titles, 9 Coppa Italia, and 7 Supercoppa Italiana.

Inter Milan’s notable achievements include five successive league titles from 2006 to 2010, equalling the record at that time. The club has clinched the European Cup/Champions League three times, with back-to-back victories in 1964 and 1965 and another victory in 2010. Their 2010 win marked an unprecedented Italian seasonal treble, securing the Coppa Italia and the Scudetto the same year. Additionally, Inter has won three UEFA Cups, two Intercontinental Cups, and one FIFA Club World Cup.

Inter’s home games take place at the San Siro stadium, shared with city rivals AC Milan, and the club boasts long-standing rivalries with Milan and Juventus. As of 2019, Inter has the highest home game attendance in Italy and the sixth-highest attendance in Europe. Since 2016, the majority ownership of the club has been held by the Chinese holding company Suning Holdings Group. Forbes estimates Inter Milan’s value at $1,026 million, highlighting its prominence in both Italian and global football.

17. LAFC

  • Country: United States
  • Value in $ millions: 1,000
  • Revenue ($M): 116
  • Operating income ($M): 8

LAFC secures the 17th spot among the most valuable football clubs in 2024, competing in Major League Soccer (MLS) as a member of the league’s Western Conference. Established on October 30, 2014, LAFC commenced play during the 2018 season as an expansion team, with home matches held at BMO Stadium in Exposition Park.

The managing owners, including Brandon Beck, Larry Berg, and Bennett Rosenthal, guide the club, with notable part-owners such as Will Ferrell contributing to its ownership structure. Under the inaugural head coach, Bob Bradley (2017–2021), LAFC achieved significant milestones. In the 2019 season, the club secured the Supporters’ Shield, with Carlos Vela earning the MVP Award. LAFC continued its success by winning the MLS Cup in 2022, completing a league double with their second Supporters’ Shield. Additionally, the club reached the CONCACAF Champions League runners-up positions in 2020 and 2023.

A rivalry with the LA Galaxy, the older of the two Los Angeles-based MLS teams, has emerged since LAFC’s inception. Supporters of both clubs affectionately refer to this rivalry as El Tráfico, a playful twist on El Clasico. Forbes estimates LAFC’s value at $1,000 million, reflecting its significance in the MLS landscape.

18. LA Galaxy

  • Country: United States
  • Value in $ millions: 925
  • Revenue ($M): 98
  • Operating income ($M): 4

In the 2024 rankings, LA Galaxy holds the 18th position among the most valuable football clubs. Established in 1994 and playing since 1996, the club is owned by Anschutz Entertainment Group, which also owns the Los Angeles Kings and has an interest in the Los Angeles Lakers. LA Galaxy initially played at the Rose Bowl before moving to Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, in 2003.

The club boasts a rich history, marked by five MLS Cup victories and four additional final appearances. LA Galaxy has clinched the Western Conference regular-season title eight times, secured four Supporters’ Shields, won two U.S. Open Cups, and claimed one CONCACAF Champions’ Cup.

Notable international signings, including David Beckham, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Steven Gerrard, and Landon Donovan, have contributed to the club’s global recognition. Forbes estimates LA Galaxy’s value at approximately $925 million in 2024, solidifying its standing as one of Major League Soccer’s most successful and valuable teams.

19. Atlanta United

  • Country: United States
  • Value in $ millions: 850
  • Revenue ($M): 81
  • Operating income ($M): 6

Atlanta United, established in 2014, holds the 19th spot among the most valuable football clubs in 2024. Joining Major League Soccer (MLS) in 2017 as the league’s twenty-second team, Atlanta United marked the first MLS franchise in Atlanta. The club calls the Mercedes-Benz Stadium home, sharing it with the city’s NFL franchise, the Atlanta Falcons, both owned by Arthur Blank, co-founder of The Home Depot.

Under the guidance of Gerardo Martino, Atlanta United made an impactful debut season by reaching the playoffs. Their second season proved even more successful, clinching their first trophy, the MLS Cup, in 2018.

Known for setting league records in attendance, both single-match and average, Atlanta United has become a prominent force in MLS. In 2024, Sportico estimates the club’s value at approximately $850 million, securing its place among the top 20 most valuable football clubs in the world.

20. Crystal Palace

  • Country: England
  • Value in $ millions: 806
  • Revenue ($M): 214
  • Operating income ($M): 22

Crystal Palace secures the 20th position among the most valuable football clubs in 2024. Though officially established as a professional entity in 1905 at the Crystal Palace Exhibition building, the club traces its foundation date back to 1861, linking to an amateur Crystal Palace football team that played on a cricket pitch within the Palace grounds. After utilizing the FA Cup final stadium on the Palace grounds for home games between 1905 and 1915, the outbreak of World War I led to their relocation in 1924 to their current home at Selhurst Park.

Initially part of the Southern League, Crystal Palace joined the Football League in 1920 and has predominantly competed in the top two tiers of English football. Since 1964, the club has mostly remained above the second tier, with a notable period in the late 1980s and early 1990s achieving their highest league finish of third place in the 1990–91 season.

Palace has faced financial challenges, entering administration in 1999 and 2010, but successfully returned to the Premier League in 2013, maintaining their position since. Rivalries with Brighton & Hove Albion, Millwall, and Charlton Athletic add to the club’s historical significance. Forbes estimates the club’s value at $806 million, affirming its status among the top 20 most valuable football clubs worldwide.

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