Michael Jordan Vs Magic Johnson

Michael Jordan Vs Magic Johnson: Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson were two really amazing basketball players in the 1980s and 1990s. Jordan was a shooting guard who scored a lot and was super athletic. Johnson was a big point guard who could do a lot of things well, especially passing and handling the ball. Both guys led their teams to win a bunch of NBA championships and were named the best players in the Finals many times.

People argue a lot about who was better, Jordan or Johnson. It’s not an easy question because they were both really good in different ways. Jordan was better at scoring a lot of points and playing great defense, while Johnson was a better passer and rebounder. They were both super competitive and always wanted to show everyone that they were the best.

Their big showdown happened in the 1991 NBA Finals when Jordan’s Chicago Bulls played against Johnson’s Los Angeles Lakers. The series was really close, but the Lakers ended up winning in six games. Even though the Bulls lost, Jordan played amazingly well, scoring an average of 31.2 points per game.

The rivalry between Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson is one of the most famous in NBA history. It was like a battle between two giants who both wanted to be the best player in the world. This rivalry helped make the NBA more popular and got basketball fans all over the world excited about the game.

Points Per Game30.119.5
Rebounds Per Game6.27.2
Assists Per Game5.311.2
Steals Per Game2.31.9
Blocks Per Game0.80.4
Total Points32,29217,707
Total Rebounds6,6726,559
Total Assists5,63310,141
Total Steals2,5141,724
Total Blocks893374
Total Games1,072906
Field Goal Percentage.497.520
3-Point Percentage.327.303
Free Throw Percentage.835.848
Points Per Game37.1 (1987)23.9 (1987)
Rebounds Per Game8.0 (1989)9.6 (1982)
Assists Per Game8.0 (1989)13.1 (1984)
Steals Per Game3.2 (1988)3.4 (1981)
Blocks Per Game1.6 (1988)0.7 (1984)
Points Per Game33.419.5
Rebounds Per Game6.47.7
Assists Per Game5.712.3
Steals Per Game2.11.9
Blocks Per Game0.90.3
Total Points5,9873,701
Total Rebounds1,1521,465
Total Assists1,0222,346
Total Steals376358
Total Blocks15864
Total Games179190
Field Goal Percentage.487.506
3-Point Percentage.332.241
Free Throw Percentage.828.838
Points Per Game43.7 (1986)25.2 (1990)
Rebounds Per Game7.9 (1997)13.7 (1981)
Assists Per Game8.5 (1985)15.2 (1985)
Steals Per Game2.8 (1990)3.1 (1980)
Blocks Per Game2.3 (1987)1.0 (1981)
NBA Championships65
NBA Seasons1513
Playoffs Played1313
All-Star Games1412
All-NBA Teams1110
All-NBA First Team109
Finals MVP63
Season MVP53
All-Defensive 1st Team90
All-Defensive Teams90
Defensive Player of The Year10
Rookie of The Year10
Steals Leader30
Scoring Leader100
Assists Leader04


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