Who Has the Most Clean Sheets for Manchester City?

Who Has the Most Clean Sheets for Manchester City? Manchester City is known for being good at scoring goals, but they’re also great at stopping the other team from scoring. This is because of their strong defense, and one key player in this defense is the goalkeeper.

Who Has the Most Clean Sheets for Manchester City?

Now, let’s find out who is the best goalkeeper in Manchester City’s history by looking at the numbers, studying great performances, and figuring out who has the most clean sheets.

1. Joe Corrigan

  • Country: England
  • Career Span: 1967–1983
  • Clean Sheets: 185
  • Games Played: 602
  • Percentage: 30.7

At the top of the ranking is Joe Corrigan. He dedicated an impressive 16 seasons to Manchester City, playing from 1967 to 1983 and participating in a total of 602 league matches. The exact number of clean sheets he achieved is 185.

2. Ederson

  • Country: Brazil
  • Career Span: 2017–
  • Clean Sheets: 141
  • Games Played: 311
  • Percentage: 45.3

Ederson has proven to be an outstanding goalkeeper for Manchester City since he joined the club in 2017. His clean sheet record speaks volumes about his skill and effectiveness on the field. To date, he has accumulated an impressive total of 141 clean sheets in 311 appearances for the team. This statistic highlights Ederson’s ability to keep the opposing teams from scoring and showcases his significant impact as a reliable presence in the goal for Manchester City.

3. Joe Hart

  • Country: England
  • Career Span: 2006–2017
  • Clean Sheets: 137
  • Games Played: 348
  • Percentage: 39.3

Joe Hart made a significant mark as a goalkeeper for Manchester City, achieving an impressive total of 137 clean sheets in the 348 appearances he made across all competitions. Despite facing a lot of action, Hart’s ability to keep the opposition from scoring showcased his skill and contributed to his status as a standout figure in the club’s history.

4. Frank Swift

  • Country: England
  • Career Span: 1933–1949
  • Clean Sheets: 102
  • Games Played: 338
  • Percentage: 30.1

Frank Swift achieved a total of 102 clean sheets during his tenure at Manchester City. Notably, he holds the club record for the most clean sheets in a single season, a feat accomplished during the Second Division championship run of 1946-47. In that remarkable season, Swift managed to keep the opposition from scoring 17 times in 35 appearances. This record remained unbroken for nearly 40 years until it was surpassed by Alex Williams in 1985. Swift’s impressive clean sheet record and his season-long achievement showcase his skill and enduring legacy as a notable goalkeeper for Manchester City.

5. Bert Trautmann

  • Country: Germany
  • Career Span: 1949–1964
  • Clean Sheets: 98
  • Games Played: 545
  • Percentage: 17.9

Bert Trautmann, the legendary goalkeeper for Manchester City, had a remarkable 15-year career with the club from 1949 to 1964. During this time, he achieved an estimated 98 clean sheets. This respectable number reflects Trautmann’s skill and effectiveness in preventing the opposing teams from scoring, contributing to his legacy as a notable figure in Manchester City’s history.

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