The World’s Best Goalkeepers According to IFFHS

World’s Best Goalkeepers According to IFFHS: The IFFHS World Goalkeeper of the Year, previously known as the IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper, is an award given out by the International Federation of Football History & Statistics (IFFHS) to recognize the best goalkeeper in the world. This award has been presented since 1987. Since 2012, they have also been giving out the World Goalkeeper of the Year award. The top male winners of this award are Gianluigi Buffon, Iker Casillas, and Manuel Neuer, each winning it five times. Among women, Sarah Bouhaddi and Hope Solo have won it four times each.

Men’s Winners

List of Winners

Here is a list of the best goalkeepers in the IFFHS World’s Best Goalkeeper rankings:

19871stJean-Marie PfaffBayern Munich137
2ndRinat DasayevSpartak Moscow43
3rdWalter ZengaInter Milan30
19881stRinat DasayevSpartak Moscow119
2ndHans van BreukelenPSV Eindhoven97
3rdWalter ZengaInter Milan31
19891stWalter ZengaInter Milan79
2ndMichel Preud’hommeKV Mechelen38
3rdRinat DasayevSevilla33
19901stWalter ZengaInter Milan72
2ndMichel Preud’hommeKV Mechelen35
3rdGabelo ConejoCartaginés34
19911stWalter ZengaInter Milan51
2ndSergio GoycocheaRacing Club37
3rdCláudio TaffarelParma29
19921stPeter SchmeichelManchester United118
2ndAndoni ZubizarretaBarcelona28
3rdHans van BreukelenPSV Eindhoven23
19931stPeter SchmeichelManchester United84
2ndSergio GoycocheaRacing Club70
3rdJorge CamposUNAM23
19941stMichel Preud’hommeKV Mechelen, Benfica103
2ndThomas RavelliIFK Göteborg73
3rdCláudio TaffarelReggiana53
19951stJosé Luis ChilavertVélez Sársfield37
2ndPeter SchmeichelManchester United29
3rdThomas RavelliIFK Göteborg24
19961stAndreas KöpkeMarseille114
2ndDavid SeamanArsenal101
3rdJosé Luis ChilavertVélez Sársfield44
19971stJosé Luis ChilavertVélez Sársfield61
2ndAngelo PeruzziJuventus57
3rdPeter SchmeichelManchester United53
19981stJosé Luis ChilavertVélez Sársfield198
2ndFabien BarthezMonaco146
3rdEdwin van der SarAjax75
19991stOliver KahnBayern Munich116
2ndPeter SchmeichelManchester United95
3rdJosé Luis ChilavertVélez Sársfield93
20001stFabien BarthezMonaco, Manchester United195
2ndOliver KahnBayern Munich133
3rdFrancesco ToldoFiorentina131
20011stOliver KahnBayern Munich265
2ndOscar CórdobaBoca Juniors77
3rdGianluigi BuffonParma, Juventus69
20021stOliver KahnBayern Munich316
2ndIker CasillasReal Madrid101
3rdRüştü ReçberFenerbahçe99
20031stGianluigi BuffonJuventus186
2ndIker CasillasReal Madrid112
3rdOliver KahnBayern Munich106
20041stGianluigi BuffonJuventus185
2ndPetr ČechRennes, Chelsea125
20051stPetr ČechChelsea175
3rdGianluigi BuffonJuventus78
20061stGianluigi BuffonJuventus295
2ndJens LehmannArsenal140
3rdPetr ČechChelsea91
20071stGianluigi BuffonJuventus209
2ndPetr ČechChelsea172
3rdIker CasillasReal Madrid124
20081stIker CasillasReal Madrid249
2ndGianluigi BuffonJuventus170
3rdEdwin van der SarManchester United143
20091stIker CasillasReal Madrid230
2ndGianluigi BuffonJuventus150
3rdJúlio CésarInter Milan124
20101stIker CasillasReal Madrid304
2ndJúlio CésarInter Milan124
3rdPetr ČechChelsea56
20111stIker CasillasReal Madrid248
2ndManuel NeuerSchalke 04, Bayern Munich130
3rdVíctor ValdésBarcelona114
20121stIker CasillasReal Madrid224
2ndGianluigi BuffonJuventus128
3rdPetr ČechChelsea92
20131stManuel NeuerBayern Munich211
2ndGianluigi BuffonJuventus78
3rdPetr ČechChelsea64
20141stManuel NeuerBayern Munich216
2ndThibaut CourtoisAtlético Madrid, Chelsea96
3rdKeylor NavasLevante, Real Madrid46
20151stManuel NeuerBayern Munich188
2ndGianluigi BuffonJuventus78
3rdClaudio BravoBarcelona45
20161stManuel NeuerBayern Munich156
2ndGianluigi BuffonJuventus91
3rdRui PatrícioSporting CP50
20171stGianluigi BuffonJuventus251
2ndManuel NeuerBayern Munich103
3rdKeylor NavasReal Madrid85
20181stThibaut CourtoisChelsea, Real Madrid181
2ndHugo LlorisTottenham Hotspur109
3rdGianluigi BuffonJuventus, Paris Saint-Germain59
2ndMarc-André ter StegenBarcelona104
3rdJan OblakAtlético Madrid67
20201stManuel NeuerBayern Munich320
2ndJan OblakAtlético Madrid40
20211stGianluigi DonnarummaMilan, Paris Saint-Germain170
2ndManuel NeuerBayern Munich75
3rdÉdouard MendyChelsea40
20221stThibaut CourtoisReal Madrid125
2ndEmiliano MartínezAston Villa110
3rdYassine BounouSevilla55
20231st EdersonManchester City145
2ndEmiliano MartínezAston Villa76
3rdThibaut CourtoisReal Madrid73

The World’s Best Goalkeepers According to IFFHS

These three goalkeepers Iker Casillas, Gianluigi Buffon, and Manuel Neuer have all won awards a record five times.

Buffon holds the distinction of being the oldest player to have competed in a FIFA World Cup final. He is also the player with the most appearances in the history of the Italian national team. Casillas, on the other hand, is the second-most capped player in the history of the Spanish national team, and he achieved the pinnacle of success by winning the FIFA World Cup with Spain in 2010. Neuer is often regarded as one of the most groundbreaking goalkeepers in history, and he secured a FIFA World Cup victory with Germany in 2014.

These three remarkable goalkeepers have earned the most IFFHS wins in their careers.

Record Winners

Iker Casillas, Gianluigi Buffon, and Manuel Neuer have each won the IFFHS World Goalkeeper of the Year award five times, making them the top recipients of this honor.

PlayerCountryWins (Years)
Iker CasillasSpain5x 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012
Gianluigi BuffonItaly5x 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2017
Manuel NeuerGermany5x 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2020
Walter ZengaItaly3x 1989, 1990, 1991
José Luis ChilavertParaguay3x 1995, 1997, 1998
Oliver KahnGermany3x 1999, 2001, 2002
Peter SchmeichelDenmark2x 1992, 1993
Thibaut CourtoisBelgium2x 2018, 2022
Jean-Marie Pfaff Belgium1x 1987
Rinat Dasayev Soviet Union1x 1988
Michel Preud’homme Belgium 1x 1994
Andreas Köpke Germany1x 1996
Fabien Barthez France1x 2000
Petr Čech Czech Republic1x 2005
Alisson Brazil1x 2019
Gianluigi Donnarumma Italy1x 2021
EdersonBrazil1x 2023

The Club With Most IFFHS Wins

Bayern Munich holds the record for the most IFFHS World’s Best Club award wins with nine.

Bayern Munich is highly regarded as one of the most successful clubs in the world. They have won many domestic and international championships. The club is recognized for their attractive style of play and their dedication to nurturing young talent.

Bayern Munich93
Real Madrid72
Manchester United32
Inter Milan31
Vélez Sársfield31
KV Mechelen11
Paris Saint-Germain11
Spartak Moscow11
Manchester City11

The Country With Most IFFHS Wins

Germany and Italy have each won the IFFHS World’s Best National Team award nine times, making them the countries with the most wins. Spain has won the award five times.

Czech Republic11
Soviet Union11

Women’s Winners

The IFFHS World’s Best Woman Goalkeeper award has been given out since 2012. This award is decided through a vote in which national team coaches, team captains, and football journalists participate.

Here is a list of the winners of the IFFHS World’s Best Woman Goalkeeper award:

List of Winners

20121stHope SoloSeattle Sounders110
2ndNadine AngererEintracht Frankfurt80
3rdHedvig LindahlKristianstads35
20131stHope SoloSeattle Reign110
2ndNadine AngererBrisbane Roar106
3rdStina Lykke BorgFCR Duisburg42
20141stHope SoloSeattle Reign110
Almuth SchultVfL Wolfsburg110
3rdNadine AngererBrisbane Roar45
Portland Thorns
20151stHope SoloSeattle Reign148
2ndNadine AngererPortland Thorns66
3rdAyumi KaihoriINAC Kobe Leonessa36
20161stSarah BouhaddiLyon111
2ndAlmuth SchultVfL Wolfsburg82
3rdHope SoloSeattle Reign77
20171stSarah BouhaddiLyon190
2ndSari van VeenendaalArsenal112
3rdKatarzyna KiedrzynekParis Saint-Germain42
20181stSarah BouhaddiLyon185
2ndAlmuth SchultVfL Wolfsburg121
3rdAshlyn HarrisOrlando Pride48
20191stSari van VeenendaalArsenal, Atlético Madrid185
2ndSarah BouhaddiLyon92
3rdAlyssa NaeherChicago Red Stars82
20201stSarah BouhaddiLyon220
2ndChristiane EndlerParis Saint-Germain55
3rdAnn Katrin BergerChelsea25
20211stChristiane EndlerParis Saint-Germain. Lyon110
2ndSandra PañosBarcelona100
3rdStephanie LabbéFC Rosengård, PSG45
20221stChristiane EndlerLyon105
2ndMary EarpsManchester United50
3rdMerle FrohmsVfL Wolfsburg25
20231stMary EarpsManchester United164
2ndSandra PañosBarcelona78
3rdZećira MušovićChelsea49

The World’s Best Women Goalkeepers According to IFFHS

Hope Solo and Sarah Bouhaddi are the only two goalkeepers to have won the award four times. Christiane Endler has won the award two times, making them the most successful goalkeeper in the history of the award.

Record Winners

French goalkeeper Sarah Bouhaddi and Hope Solo both have the same record for the most wins.

Hope SoloUnited States4x 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Sarah BouhaddiFrance4x 2016, 2017, 2018, 2020
Christiane EndlerChile2x 2021, 2022
Almuth SchultGermany1x 2014
Sari van VeenendaalNetherlands1x 2019
Mary EarpsEngland1x 2023

The Club With Most IFFHS Wins (Women)

The team that has won the IFFHS Women’s World’s Best Club award the most times is Olympique Lyonnais from France, and they’ve won it six times. Other clubs that have won this award more than once Are;

OL Reign41
VfL Wolfsburg11
Atlético Madrid11
Paris Saint-Germain11
Manchester United11

The Countries With Most IFFHS Wins (Women)

France and the United States have each won the IFFHS Women’s World’s Best award four times. Some other countries have also won this award more than once.

United States41

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